Wednesday, October 3, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Nu Skin Tinted Moisturizer in Beige

I received several bottles of this from Emzi Tinasas who is an official Nu Skin Reseller. And because I have several bottles... I get to keep one for myself and will be giving away the others in my next contest! Yay! 

I tested the product several times this week and here's what I have to say:

NU COLOUR Tinted Moisturizer says:

Mirror and reflect your natural skin tone with Tinted Moisturizer. This sheer foundation provides weightless coverage, enhancing your natural skin tone for a healthy glow.

What I have to say:

The BEIGE (#4) shade that was given to me is a bit dark for my skin tone but after sealing it with a lighter powder (I used Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Shine Free Cake Powder in Natural #3), the product adjusted to my natural skin tone. As a Tinted Moisturizer, I expected it to be very light but after applying, I realized that it's almost as good as a foundation. 

If you have good skin, it can be used as a foundation and sealed with powder. Although it doesn't give as much coverage as the foundations I use as a makeup artist, I find that it will do on regular days. For special occasions where you might need more coverage, it can be used as moisturizer and topped with a bit of the foundation you are used to using. It is very lightweight and has SPF 15. Also, I found that it minimized the oil on my T-zone.

I like the way that it's packaged and the plastic seal doesn't come off easily so I can put it in my bag without accidentally pressing the pump and spilling product on my stuff. 

This is the darkest of all four shades available (Fair, Sand, Honey, Beige) but it seemed lighter when applied to  my skin. Since it really isn't a foundation with thick coverage, it was pretty easy to adjust with powder on my skin tone.


- Easy to blend on my skin tone
- Easy to apply
- Very lightweight
- Has SPF 15
- Good enough coverage for a Tinted Moisturizer
- Good for everyday use
- Good smell
- Nice packaging
- Moisturized my skin well without making me look oily
- Can be used as base
- Worked well with my other makeup
- Has a dewy, natural finish

- The price! --- Kaloka!
- If you want more coverage, it cannot be used alone. Use it as base and then top with foundation.

To whom do I recommend this:
For people who want a bit of coverage without the heavy feel of foundation. Perfect for those who don't have a lot of skin issues (if used alone). Ok also for those who have some blemishes but used underneaath foundation and set with powder. Works well with any skin type.

Price: P1,815.50
Where to Purchase: Nu Skin Resellers. This one I got from Emzi Tinasas. You can contact her at 0906-3021737 for orders or trials. =)

Here's a close up photo of my cheek. Without anything on (left photo), you can see my freckles. They are very light but still very visible. And with a very light layer of  Nu Colour Tinted Moisturizer (right photo), see how it covered my freckles. It didn't cover everything but that's the way I like it (I love my freckles!) So, good job for a tinted moisturizer! I almost forgot that it really isn't a foundation. 

And here it is on my face when set with a light powder. I didn't use any foundation and it already looks good. I would use it for shopping days, coffee with the girls, grocery days, going to my son's school... I Love how natural it looks and it feels just like a second skin. Of course if I were to use it for special occasions, I would top it with my favorite foundation for more coverage and more bongga photos. =)

I'll be giving away three bottles of Nu Colour Tinted Moisturizer from Nu Skin!!! Here's how to join:

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Good luck ladies! =)