Thursday, September 29, 2016


Ballet has always been my first love. I will never forget my fascination with ballerinas and how I begged my mom to get me started at ballet school at a very early age. To me, there is nothing like the form and beauty of ballet. Growing up as a ballerina, I learned that the discipline, hard work and end result of the dance was something I was passionate about and to this day, I am grateful for what is has taught me. 

As an adult, I now have a career in my second love... fashion. I no longer go on stage and dance ballet but I think the dancer will always be in me. It has taught me how to be good in other forms of dance and sometimes, I like to put back my toe shoes and twirl just like I used to.

Shot at Weehawken, New Jersey overlooking the New York Skyline
Choker * Ettika Free People
Bodysuit * H&M

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Hi there! as you all know, this is a Fashion Blog where I share my daily ootd's, beauty tips and brand collaborations. Today however, I am doing things a little different and I am sharing a story of a friend of mine that has deeply touched my heart and hopefully will touch yours. This is a story of Paris, a 28 year old girl and the start of her battle with Cancer. To better tell you this, I have invited her sister, Collie to tell the story:

by Collie Ordonez

Parissa Venezia Calado Ordonez... Great name, right? That is the beautiful name of my one and only sister named after my mom's favorite places, Paris and Venice. Everyone calls her "Paris", but mom calls her "Parissa" when she's mad. Paris is a very unique person and everybody simply likes her. As a baby, she hardly cried and always smiled. No wonder that as she grew up, she made tons of friends in different age groups. She has a great sense of humor and extremely talented. She dances so well too. I remember her mini "Spice Girls" Group way back in middle school! She is also a dedicated and excellent Volleyball player to this day, and the life of the party whenever she is around. 

Paris loves life and loves to laugh.

Way back in 1998, our dad was diagnosed with Stage 2 Colon Cancer. I have vague memories of how his chemo therapy went but he was able to live on for 12 more years. His cancer recurred in February 2010 as Stage 4 Liver mestasized in his bones. This was really heartbreaking for us especially for my mom. We only had a few months to spend with my dad. "Thy will be done... I'm ready to go." --- These were the words my dad said upon learning about his condition. Two weeks before Paris graduated from college, my dad passed away

Years passed, and as a big sister, my role for Paris changed.We have been the best of friends, mentor to each others lives, weekend buddies and morning jammers. Our hobby is to LAUGH. We do laugh a lot. Over simple jokes, videos, anything under the sun... we laugh. Even through rare sad moments, we find ourselves smiling and laughing... as long as we have each other.

I remember the time when she started working for her first job, she was so shy but so dedicated and willing to learn. She eventually turned out to be really good at what she does --- A Life Insurance trainor. She even became a party host for her company's Christmas parties and Product Launches. I was actually amazed at how she turned out to be as an employee. My family and I are very proud of her.

An exceptional athlete.

These past few weeks have been extremely challenging for us. The girl I shared my laughter with, my sister who I love so dear was diagnosed with Stage 2B Colon Cancer... the same illness my dad had. Who would have thought that a simple discovery of being anemic could lead to CANCER, at the young age of 28 years old. It was such a challenge for me to face her while she was in pain recovering from surgery. The malignant tumor was taken out successfully but she will go through I.V. Chemo as soon as she recovers from the surgery. A portacath must be installed in her chest where her I.V. Chemo will be injected. She will need 12 shots for 6 months plus additional medication.

I know Paris can get through this. Her positive outlook captured every doctor and nurse's heart who handled her at the Asian Hospital. We can't thank them enough for giving us the best service they possibly can.

Paris is an ultimate dreamer. She has so many dreams and goals to pursue. She is working for a well known company in the Philippines and is doing so well in her job. I know that someday she wants to get married and have her own family. She is a wonderful aunt to my son and I know she will be a great mom someday. I can't wait to see her get up from this nightmare and finally fulfill her dreams.

Still smiling, Still positive.

We are asking for prayers for my sister. As we will need a substantial amount to cover her medical expenses, we have launched a YouCaring Page to accept donations. Please help us save a life... my sister's life. As a sister, I will fight as much as I can to help her live a full life. I love my sister and I am very proud of her. I am pretty sure, if my dad were alive, knowing he fought the same battle, he will pat us on the back and simply say, "Good Job."

Sisters, Collie and Paris at the hospital.

A message from Paris (taken from her facebook page):

Paris is not aware that her sister and I collaborated with this article. I think she is such an amazing inspiration and her story worth telling. I hope you can find positivity and inspiration in her story and hope you can share your help in any way that you can be it in prayers, messages to Paris (comment below) or in any amount donation to help Paris in her medical costs. Please click on the YouCaring widget below and share this article on your page to help spread the word.

Thank you for reading.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Street Styling

I just love the urban vibe of Street Style. And there are some days that I just want to be comfy without sacrificing fashion so I turn to my street wear clothes and comfy sneakers from Shoedazzle and I am ready to go. This awesome pair of leggings from Sammydress screams "Street Style" all over. I love the fabric and comfy feel of it.  Totally matches the vibe I am going for.

I like adding glam elements to my street look so I accessorized with my Nordstrom Bracelet by Ettika, my Olander watch plus my Georgina Sasha Sunglasses. My street look is complete!

I didn't want to overdo my look so natural makeup was all I needed. I am ready to conquer my day feeling comfy and chic at the same time! =)

Shop this look:
Sunglasses * GeorginaSasha
Watch * Olander Watch
Bracelet * Nordstrom
Leggings * Sammydress
Sneakers * Shoedazzle

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pampering Time with Essential Oils

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As a busy working woman, wellness and pampering is also very important to me because I feel that after working hard, I do deserve it! That is why I have included essential oils in my daily routine. 

Essential Oils are natural extracts from plants. They have been used throughout history for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Recently, the use of essential oils  has grown rapidly as scientists and medical practitioners research and validate the numerous health benefits of pure and natural essential oils.

There are 3 ways to use essential oils:

AROMATICALLY - Use a diffuser to spread the essential oils particles into the air, or rub two drops on palm and inhale.

TOPICALLY - Apply a few drops of the essential oil directly on skin and rub into skin.

INTERNALLY - Place 1 to 2 drops under the tongue, or mix in a glass of water and drink, or you can drop in an empty capsule and swallow just like any other pill.

My recent favorite has been LAVENDER which helps me relax and go to bed. The scent is really very calming and I love to take it with me for a good, relaxing massage.

Want to know more about essential oils?
Contact the essential oil expert on Instagram, @essentialoilsme.
Lance will be ready to answer your questions regarding essential oils and be able to supply you with your essential oils needs! @essentialoilsme is my go to supplier for essential oils and I love the info that I get for my wellness needs =)

Essential Oils * @essentialoilsme
Photos * Eunice Vallesteros of Purple Dot
Hair Color * Angelo Falconi III Salon

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pom Pom Sandals

Hi all! I'm back on a designing mood and just released my new Pom Pom Sandals! These babies are available at my Etsy Shop (cielosmermaidinheels) along with some beaded purses that are perfect for your night out! I will be posting a lot more of my designs in the coming weeks so I hope you check out my Etsy Shop.

By the way, check out my awesome White Basic Swimsuit from Georgina Sasha! I love the swimwear from this shop and I hope it can be summer forever so I can keep wearing them! Georgina Sasha is one of my favorites for the unique Sunglasses they have available. Now, there are a lot of other items available to purchase! Check it out now at!

Thanks for dropping by! =)

Pom Pom Sandals * Mermaid in Heels
Sunglasses * Georgina Sasha
White Swimsuit * Georgina Sasha