Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Denim Jacket

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While I do love to have a variety of clothes in different colors, cuts and styles, I still think it's important to have the basics in my closet. an LBD, white tee, jeans, etc. I love this basic white dress from Agetro Trends because it's so comfy, clean and it's perfect for those days that I don't want to think of what to wear but still feel like I did think about it! Haha! Know what I mean?! 

To add to my white dress is my basic denim jacket. I really love this piece because it matches almost anything in my closet! From an LBD, to a printed dress, or a colorful casual outfit, my denim jacket can go with almost anything.

Hope you like my outfit! It's Monday and I hope you have an amazing week! =)

Photography * Purple Dot by Eunice Vallesteros
Basic White Dress * Agetro Trends
Denim Jacket * H&M
Sneakers * Bongo

Saturday, March 26, 2016


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I'll be honest, sometimes I do like to take a break from my usual girly look and high heels and wear something really comfy for the day. That said, I'm totally loving this shirt from Croma Clothing Co. that I can wear for my comfy days. It's perfect for my hiking and gym activities. This was designed for skate boarders so the online shop sells some really cool skateboard stickers too. Get them at croma.storenvy.com

I also love these wooden sunglasses from GeorginaSasha. It goes so well with a lot of outfits and is great to wear for outdoor fun. It's light and doesn't fall of my face even if I'm running around. I make sure to always take it with me when I travel! =) Shop for more designs at www.georginasasha.com. =)

How about you, do you have comfy days too? =)

Wooden Sunglasses * GeorginaSasha

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Iris Impressions

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As a blogger, I am always on the lookout for something unique. I was so excited when I found this brand called Iris Impressions because of their unique and innovative fashion wear. Iris Impressions carries a variety of skirts and dresses that you can wear a multitude of ways. They also come in so many different prints that you can choose from for any occasion.

This particular item I am wearing is the Silk Wrap Convertible Skirt. The fabric is so light and cool that it's so easy to convert the wrap in different ways! Your purchase comes with instructions on how to use the skirt. It really is very easy and honestly, I think there are more ways you can convert it by just using your imagination! It's so fun! Check out the video below on how you can use this wrap and wear it as a skirt or dress... whichever way you want! For this blog post, I wore it four ways. It was so easy to change it up and I love the looks I was able to create!

I am so excited to show you more of Iris Impressions on my future blog posts. I think this product is a must have in your closet! Order your very own Iris Impressions products on their website!

Sunnies: GeorginaSasha
Shoes: Bebe
Cocktail Ring: H&M

Sunday, March 20, 2016


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Happy Weekend! I am having a very busy weekend going from place to place but I wanted to take some time to blog about this AMAZING product that is my savior for days like this. I am a petite girl so I do love my high heels to give me some height. On busy days, I tend to bring another pair of shoes when an outfit change is needed. Unfortunately, I cannot bring so many items to change all the time so my recent favorite accessory is "HEELUSIONS"! No need for me to bring another pair of shoes, all I need are my trusty Heelusions and I can change the whole look of my heels in a jiffy!

For this day, I had errands to run all day followed by dinner with friends. I wanted to change my look but had no time to go home and change. With a few accessory changes plus a nice jacket, I changed my outfit and the look of my shoes quickly and hassle free! Check out my photos on how I made this change!

Heelusions is an amazing innovation in accessories that can transform your shoes to a different look quickly. You can renew your heels by adding a designer flair and covering blemishes. This is also perfect for travelling so you can pack less pair of shoes and have a number of Heelusions to completely change your look! Check out the photo below, same shoe, but different looks! How cool is that?

I know you can't wait to get your own set of Heelusions, so go check out their website now and order your very own!

Sunglasses * Georgina Sasha
Heels * H&M
Black Top * H&M
White Jacket * Hottie