Thursday, February 20, 2014

VLOG: Hair Bun Tutorial - How to do the Hair Bun in Two EASY Ways!

Hi ladies! During my travels, I've been meeting so many women who ask me how they can fix their hair in the easiest ways possible. One of the easiest ways is the Hair Bun or the Doughnut! I am so surprised that so many ladies still don't know how to use this as these styling aids have been around for quite sometime. I love this look because it's so elegant and so easy to do. And because I just feel like coming to the rescue for these ladies who want to know how to do this, here is a quick tutorial in photo and video version to make it even easier!

First way is by using the Donut Filler which looks like this:

 Now here is a detailed step by step photo:

Now aside from the Donut Filler, you can also make use of the Cushion with a slit which looks like this:

And, here's how to use it:

Ok, ok... because I want to make it EVEN EASIER, here's a video from my Youtube channel on how to do it:

That was super fun and EASY right? Hope you like it! =)

Thank you to Eunice Vallesteros of Purple Dot Photography for taking photos of this tutorial!
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Friday, February 7, 2014

FASHION: Anthologiest

ANTHOLOGIE OF THE SCARF --- For the second time around, I am featuring this brand that I love, not only because of their beautiful products but also because I strongly support their cause. You can read about my first feature here

Loj Tonacao, the woman behind Anthologie of the Scarf has been helping out our Aeta brothers and sisters through portions of her sales and voluntary donations and help from her customers. I'd like to share with you photos from her recent outreach activity with the Aetas:

My heart melts upon seeing these photos. I have also been blessed to be able to spend some time with the Aetas a year ago. They are such a happy and loving people, and it is really nice to see smiles on their faces and how Anthologie of the Scarf gives them this kind of attention and love. I salute the brand's owner Loj, who despite her pregnancy at the moment, was still able to organize all these efforts for them.

In my photos, I am wearing a Kimono from Anthologie of the Scarf, one of my favorite pieces in my closet because of it's versatility. I can go from casual to glam in this piece, and even wear it as a cover up at the beach! My gorgeous matching snakeskin bag  is from Boardwalk.

Images by Eunice Vallesteros of Purple Dot Photography
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Kimono Top: Anthologie of the Scarf
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Bag: Boardwalk Philippines

Hair: Angelo Falconi III
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

FOOD: Sugar Snap Peas & Fruit

I've been totally craving for Edamame lately. I'd order it in every Japanese Resto I go to while on vacation in Vegas. And because of my silly cravings, I went to the grocery to buy more so I could cook it myself! In my hurry, I grabbed the wrong veggie and ended up with 4 trays of Sugar Snap Peas. GREAT. At home, I stared at all my Sugar Snap Peas. Of course, I wouldn't let these go to waste so I had to think of different and creative ways to prepare these. I have very few items in my fridge right now so I had to make do with what I had. The results of my kitchen experiment now has me addicted to Sugar Snap Peas! I came up with 2 VERY EASY recipes and I'd like to share it with you because it's so easy-peasy and very healthy too. Just the way I like it.

Sugar Snap Peas - looks like Edamame but... NOT! Haha!
1. Sugar Snap Peas
2. Strawberries
3. Grapes
4. Balsamic Vinegar - for first recipe
5. Strawberry Yogurt - for second recipe

YUM --- Healthy!
STEP 1 -Was Sugar Snap Peas and Fruits
STEP 2 - Slice ends of Sugar Snap Peas and Slice in half
STEP 3 - Slice Fruits

MAKE IT A SALAD! - Sprinkle with a bit of ground pepper and toss it with some Balsamic Vinegar!

MAKE IT A DESSERT! - Mix with strawberry yogurt (or another flavor of your choice)

Now isn't that worth a try? Nothing beats healthy eating!