Saturday, November 18, 2017

Blue Camou | Dresslily

Hi there! It's winter! But today was not so cold. It was just a tad bit chilly so I was able to wear shorts and keep warm with this gorgeous camouflage blue sweater from Dresslily.
Dresslily store is a great place to shop and they have a lot of amazing clothes for fall and winter. Shipping is crazy fast too! Check them out HERE.

Shop this look:
Sunglasses * Wear Me Pro
Sweater * Dresslily
Heels * Shoedazzle

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Fall Fringe | Zaful

What I do love about that start of fall season is playing around with my summer pieces and combining them with my jackets and boots. It's that in between weather that is so awesome because I feel like I don't have to bundle up too much and still be able to wear some of my cute summer pieces.

Check out this summer dress that i combined with this ZAFUL Fringe Jacket!
I love this unique jacket. It's so fun and so chic! Zaful carries a wide range of items. I got these hot sunglasses from there too!

Check out Zaful and get some great pieces for your fall wardrobe! Thanks for dropping by! =)

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

SHEIN Fall | Holiday Wishlist

This stunning CRANE Blazer!
Get it HERE.

Hi there! I seriously am on a shopping high! With the coming fall and holiday season, it's so much fun to browse through this season's new wardrobe. I especially love checking out what SHEIN has to offer. This online store has an amazing variety of fashion items and I am always excited to see what new products they have. Check out my newest wishlist from SHEIN! You can purchase these items on the description underneath each photo. Hope you like them! =)

Shop SHEIN now! =)

Holiday Perfect! Red Dress with Ruffles. Get it HERE.

Pompom & Utility Jacket. Get it HERE.
Blue Varsity Jacket. Get it HERE.

Long Baseball Jacket. Get it HERE.

Super Cute Angel Wing Sweatpants! Get it HERE.

Shoulder Patch Embroidery Jacket. Get it HERE.
Studded Denim Jacket. Get it HERE

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Comfy in Camou | SheIn

It's one of those days that I just want to be super comfy but at the same time I don't want to sacrifice my style. Great thing I found this awesome comfy outfit from no other than SHEIN!
SHEIN is such a great place to shop for outfits, shoes and many more! Their outfits for fall and winter are all so stylish that I don't know where to start shopping. It's always so much fun to check out what they have and they have something new everytime I check back at the store.
What are you waiting for? Start shopping at SHEIN now! =)
Get this Camou Set HERE.

Sunnies by Georgina Sasha
Bag from Nicole Lee USA
Heels from bebe

Sunday, October 29, 2017

ZAFUL Fall Essentials

Get this unique leather jacket HERE!

Hi there! It's getting colder and colder everyday and before we know it, it's winter again!
For now, I am enjoying fall and totally having fun getting new items to add to my fall wardrobe. It's so much fun to shop at  ZAFUL where I found these awesome items! Check out the photos below and click on the descriptions to the link to buy these super awesome finds!

Hope you enjoy shopping at ZAFUL too! =)

1.  Sparkly Sweater Dress, get it HERE.
2. White Zippered Sleeve Sweater, get it HERE.
3. Black & White Sweater, get it HERE.
4. White Floral Sweater, get it HERE.

Which black ensemble would you pick?
1. Black Floral Dress, get it HERE.
2. Buttoned Hips Dress, get it HERE.

Amazing coats!
1. Denim Hooded Coat, get it HERE.
2. Black Coat, get it HERE.

Lacey & Pretty!
1. Blue Dress with Lace Details, get it HERE.
2. White Lacey Dress, get it HERE.

Unique & Assymetrical!
1. Black Dress with Assymetric Skirt, get it HERE.
2. Blush Unique Dress, get it HERE.

Beautiful See Through Sleeves!
Get this amazing dress, HERE!

Friday, October 27, 2017

New York Skyline | Sammydress

Hi there! I went to New York Fashion Week last September and I am now sharing with you this amazing dress I wore for one of the shows. I got this dress from no other than Sammydress! It looks perfect standing with the New York Skyline behind me. New York Fashion Week was a blast and I will be sharing more photos from my trip in my next posts. 

Sammydress is such a hip place to shop for Women's Clothes, Men's Clothes, Home Decoration, Beauty Items, Shoes and even Kid's clothing! What a variety right? And even though they have that much variety, the quality is A plus on the items! I so love the items I received from Sammydress and can't wait to show you more in my next posts. Hope you like it! =) Shop this dress now HERE.

Hair Color by @styled_by_yengstar