Friday, July 26, 2013

FEATURE: Urban Luxe Facial Center and Spa + IPL Laser Treatment

Sometimes a girl just has to go and relax and get some pampering. Yes ladies, relax relax din PAG MAY TIME! We deserve it! Whenever I feel the need to de-stress, I don't like to go far. As a lady from the South (i.e. - Alabang, Paranaque, Las Pinas and Laguna ladies), I'm sure we would not want to have to take the highway and pay toll to get some pampering (De-stressing time nga eh!) So why go far, when we have a spot here in the South where we can do just that!

I'm talking about Urban Luxe Facial Center and Spa. It's located in a kinda quiet area of Madrigal Business Park. I don't really like going to crowded areas if I want to relax... so that there's no chaos when I step out. (Para relax mode parin... right?)

Here are some photos of Urban Luxe's Interiors:
Urban Luxe's Exterior Facade and Reception area.
Foot Spa and Mani Pedi Area
Hallway to massage rooms and Sauna

Facial / RF / IPL Room
Couple's Massage Room
Beautiful Interiors right? Urban Luxe is also the place where I get my IPL Laser Treatments. I have this goal to be hair free from the neck down and I'm more than happy that Urban Luxe is helping me to achieve that! So far, I am on my 8th session of IPL treatment and I am so amazed at the results. Even at just the 3rd session, I have had very minimal hair growth and it continues to improve after every session. Of course results vary depending on how thick one's hair is.

Ok this is me during one of my IPL Laser sessions. I love that it feels better than getting waxed. I was so scared at first. The idea of the hair root being burned by the laser didn't sound so good. But to my amazement, the pain is absolutely minimal. It just feels like a little bit of heat was being applied to my skin. On areas though where the skin is closer to the bone, you will feel a slight jolt from the laser but it really is tolerable. On the first 3 sessions, interval would be every after 3 weeks. And week interval gradually increases after every session. Now that I'm around my 8th session, the hair growth is really minimal. Hopefully  after my 10th session, there will be almost no more traces of hair growth. After that I would probably have to go back for a session within a couple of months until there will be no more hair growth at all. In the end, the results will be permanent. 

What I love about Urban Luxe Facial Center and Spa is that they always have promos that make "beauty-fying" and relaxing not so painful on the wallet. For instance, right now they have this promo ongoing until July 31, 2013: 

See? Super budget friendly! They always have ongoing promos!
They also have packages for IPL and RF treatments that I'm sure every girl will love. 5k for 10 sessions promo for choice of upper lip, underarm or bikini line is still ongoing. Other areas have promos also. And so that you can be posted on what promo they have, LIKE them on their facebook page: 

What I love the most about Urban Luxe Facial Center and Spa, is the VERY friendly staff. I come back around once every month and I'm always pleased with how they treat clients. They really make an effort to greet you and get to know you. Refreshments are also served for clients and even client's companions. I went to one of my IPL sessions one time while my boyfriend waited at the reception area and I was happy to know that he was offered something to drink. 

So what are you waiting for! Schedule your treatments at Urban Luxe now! Happy de-stressing!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

FASHION: Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust... Don't you sometimes wish you could just grab a handful and magically make every wrong thing right? There are those times in life when you feel like you're stuck in a rut or don't know if you should pursue your dreams because you're not sure if your dreams will be able to give you the satisfaction and returns you hoped for. Indeed it would be super awesome if a sprinkle of pixie dust will fix everything for you. But alas, we live in a real world where there is no pixie dust or magic wand to fix things for us.

If you know me well, you would know that I REALLY have been through a lot in my life. I've been up and really way way down. So down there that I thought I couldn't find my way back up anymore. During those down times, I really wished I could magically conjure up a solution and make everything better in an instant. Looking back, I now understand why I went through everything that I did. And why God didn't give me any magical pixie dust to solve my problems, or career-wise, let my career magically make me move up to the top in an instant.

I was young. And now I understand, with youth, comes the GIFT of learning. Learning lessons in life, and time to gain more knowledge in your craft. No regrets this time because I really understand now that with everything I have gone through, God was providing me with blessings in disguise. It will never come instantly but as soon as you find yourself rising up, you not only discover solutions to your life problems or better things for  your career, but the LESSONS that you pick up along the way are the most valuable things you can carry with you.

To this day, I know there is still so much more for me to learn in life and career wise. But I am thankful I don't have any pixie dust to make myself move forward instantly, because I know... I can create my own magic. It doesn't work as fast... but it's WAY BETTER. =)

I wore this outfit for my friend, Donna's wedding. She is my yoga instructor and my highschool friend as well. Her wedding, held at Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay was well thought out and really gave a feeling that we were warped into a world where we were so in tune with nature. Everything was green and earthy and beautiful. Much like the personalities of the bride and groom, who are both vegetarian and health buffs. It was the perfect opportunity for me to wear my pixie inspired outfit which I mostly made myself.

I would also like to share that this set of photos, which were taken in an area of Alabang Town Center, was entered in a photo contest by my photographer Eunice of Purple Dot Photography. She is the newest member of the Ayala Alabang Camera Club and her entry won FIRST PRIZE! This shoot wasn't even prepared for as we were just playing around because my outfit was so blog worthy. But honestly, she is one of those people with extreme talent and passion. Her win was definitely well deserved. I love working with her because everything seems so easy. The term "good vibes"  is perfect to describe her. I can't wait to see more from her! You can check out her work at her facebook page, Purple Dot. To book her for your events or photo shoots, you can send her a message on her page. The photos are now on exhibit at Alabang Town Center in the area fronting Marks and Spencer. Exhibit will run from July 1-31, 2013. Here is her winning entry:

The concept of the contest was to match a fashion photo with a food shot and all should be taken within Alabang Town Center. Eunice's entry is definitely a winner!

My clear jelly shoes are from Divisoria's 168 Mall! An awesome inexpensive find! =)

My beautiful pink ombre hair suits my outfit! Hair by Angelo Falconi III.

Dress: OLEIC by Cielo Fronteras  |  Pink Ombre Hair: Angelo Falconi III |  Ring: OLEIC |  Flower Crown: OLEIC  |  Clear Jelly Shoes: 168 Mall, Divisoria 

 Photography: Eunice Vallesteros of Purple Dot Photography

Monday, July 8, 2013

SHOPPING: 1,000.00 Peso Challenge for July 2013

For this month's 1,000 Peso Challenge, I chose to shop at a brand which is very close to my heart... BOARDWALK PHILIPPINES *! (I'll tell you why on a future post)

Boardwalk provides direct selling business opportunities to earn extra income. So, to be able to make a purchase, you can do so through a boardwalk agent by looking through their catalog and choosing which items you want to purchase. You can also check out their catalog online at

So for this month, here are my purchases:

This super cute ABBOT DRESS costed only P349.00 (around $9). I love this one because I can use it for my casual days with flats and use it as well for my business meetings as a designer with the right shoes and accessories.

I really really love jelly shoes! I have quite a collection already. So these IMBRIUMA SHOES are perfect to add to my collection. This pair is so comfy and cool! My feet can breath through the netted design and I can wear them during the upcoming rainy season. The best part is that this pair costed only P229.00! (Around $6)

Next, is my super favorite buy, the BEIMONTE TOP! For only P369.00 (Around $9)... I get 12 different styles! Why? Because the Beimonte Top can be worn 12 ways!

Now isn't that just fab??? (Yes, I know I'm super arte with all the posing, hehe, pagbigyan niyo na) This top is the perfect travel companion! With just a few pieces of clothing in your luggage, you can alternate this top every other day in between washes and your travel photos won't look like you wore the same item. The fit is just awesome, too! I've worn it with shorts, with a skirt, with leggings, with pants and it still looks awesome! I just change the style to suit the entire outfit I'm wearing.

To sum up my total purchases:



P947.00 GRAND TOTAL (Around $24)

I feel like I have 14 different items for less than a thousand pesos!!! Woohoo! Now THAT is smart shopping! =)

Friday, July 5, 2013

FASHION: This Girl is on Fire

It's quite obvious how I'm loving pink lately. It's not exactly my favorite color but sometimes a girl just needs to feel as girly as possible and you can't go wrong with this hue. My pink locks by Angelo Falconi III has been making me feel pretty for a month already and I am not growing tired of it at all. I love how it just blends with my top from Boardwalk Ph. This is one of my favorite tops from the brand because of how it hugs my body very comfortably and it's the perfect outfit to wear when I want to feel girly and sexy at the same time.

One of  my favorite comments for my hairdo lately, which has been said to me more than a dozen times already:
"You look like you're on FIRE!" Hence, the title of this post! I just love that song by Alicia Keys. Talk about a really strong anthem for female empowerment. And it really has gotten me inspired lately. This year has been a year of positive changes and transitions in my life. Despite a few bumps and sacrifices, I know every bump and sacrifice will be really worth it for me in time. I've had so many adventures for this year already and I'm beginning to see what else God has in store for me. Actually, looking back a little bit, there were some things that I was waiting for. I kind of felt that it was taking so long for these to happen in my life. But with everything that has happened for me lately, I'm beginning to see why I have to wait. Indeed, things will happen in his precious time... and THAT is the PERFECT time. Meanwhile, God has thrown so many blessings my way to keep me preoccupied while I wait for his perfect time. His blessings lately have made me realize more that for the past 12 years (since I became a mom)... I really have been on fire! I guess the events that have happened for me lately was his way of reminding me that I was doing well... I shouldn't rest... I should go on. Now, I have been feeling the FIRE more than ever!

It has been barely 6 months since I've taken blogging seriously. And I am so thankful at how my readers have been following me and giving appreciation to what I have to share. I wish I started this earlier though. But I know this is all a part of his "perfect time". I am overwhelmed at how I am getting to use my talents to touch the lives of other people. I know I can make others feel good and I know I can inspire. As a makeup artist, a jewelry designer, a blogger, a daughter, a friend, a sister, a mom... I know I'm on fire and my fire is about to burn even brighter!!!


Top: Boardwalk Ph *  |  Pink Ombre Hair: Angelo Falconi III * |  Ring: OLEIC * |  Necklace: OLEIC * |  Wedges: K-Mart NYC | Shorts: The Landmark

Photography: Eunice Vallesteros of Purple Dot

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DIY: Sequined Blazer + GIVEAWAY! =)

Ever had those old corporate blazers that you never get to use? I have a quick and easy solution to turn them into stunning pieces that you can use for many occasions rather than just for the office.

Have your plain corporate blazer ready. (Just like the one I have in the photo above) You will need the following materials:

1. Needle
2. Thread (Same color as your blazer)
3. Small beads
4. Sequins

Now let's get started!

Start sewing on the sequins on the collar.
Put the sequin first then the bead on top and then put the needle back into the sequin hole.
The purpose of the bead is to lock the sequin into place without the thread being visible.

Aside from the collar, you can add a few more sequins on the pocket area or at the bottom of the blazer. Wherever you think it will look nice. Don't overdo the sequins though as it might turn into a costume rather than a wearable outfit!!

 After you sew on all the sequins... VOILA!

A BEFORE and AFTER shot. Now wasn't that super easy? Now I can wear it on other occasions without looking like I'm headed to the office! =)

I previously wrote this DIY on my article on Celebrity Living last year (photo above). I thought it would be great to rewrite it here on my blog so my readers can go back to it and start embellishing their own blazers! =)

I made another one with a light gray blazer, and here it is:

And because I had so much fun making this... I ended up doing it on 3 blazers! Hahaha! So I'm giving away this light gray one that I'm wearing! Want to win this embellished blazer? Here's how to join! (Make sure you follow ALL the OPTIONS so your entry will be valid!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Terms & Conditions:

  1. This blog giveaway will end on July 20, 2013 (Saturday) at 12noon
  2. Share this blog post on your Facebook Timeline EVERYDAY for more chances of winning!
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  4. Rafflecopter follows EST. Therefore, cutoff for each day is at 12noon. This means you can go back every afternoon to retweet for additional entries 
  5. All those who will COMPLETE all the options on Rafflecopter WILL BE QUALIFIED to win the prize.
  6. Contest is open to Philippine residents only.
  7. Winner will be announced on this blog. We will contact the winner within 48 hours from the closing date.

Good luck!