Friday, September 27, 2013

FOOD: Cooking Party # 2!

Last time, I wrote about the first cooking party that I had with my girlfriends. If you weren't able to read about that you can read it here.  Anyways, we had so much fun bonding during our first one so we decided to try to make this a weekly thing.  As I mentioned in my first story about our Cooking Party, this is a great way to bond with girlfriends and at the same time teach each other how to make easy to prepare meals. We decided to have themes for each party and this time around we agreed on the theme "ROLLS".

I decided to make my super favorite, Vietnamese Spring Rolls. Dianne taught us how to make Bacon Asparagus Rolls. Kathy however didn't follow the theme and made a Gelatine Dessert (Haha, Madaya!) But no one complained since it was sooo good!

And I have a treat for you, at the end of this story, I'll share with you one of the recipes that we made!

Kathy teaching us her gelatin dessert while Dianne takes notes.

Dianne's sauce for her bacon rolls!

BACON!!! I'm trying to turn vegetarian, but I couldn't resist!

Bacon is LOVE!!!

Cooking time! Smells heavenly!

Time to teach the girls how to make my Vietnamese Spring Rolls!

And here are the results of what we each made:

Gelatin with Cookie Toppings ala Kathy
Bacon Asparagus Rolls ala Dianne

Vietnamese Spring Rolls ala Cielo

Here's everything! YIPEEE!!!

Fun cooking party with my girls!

And as promised I'll share with you one of the recipes we made that day!

Gelatin with Crushed Cookie Toppings:

1 Package Strawberry flavored powder gelatin

All Purpose Cream
Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies


1. Cook gelatin with a little bit less water than the instructions on the box. This will make the gelatin firmer.
2. Put gelatin in mold/s.
3. Refrigerate gelatin until firm.
4. Spread all purpose cream on top of the gelatin.
5. Crush Chips Ahoy.
6. Put crushed cookies on top of the all purpose cream.

TADAH! You're done! Now wasn't that super easy?
Time to think of my new recipe for our next cooking party! Maybe I'll share a recipe again here next time so watch out for that! =)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

VLOG: Summer Fresh Makeup Look

I have been getting so many requests to do a video tutorial. Sorry if it took me awhile to do it but finally, here it is!

This is my first video so I decided to keep it  easy and simple. So for this video, I tried to recreate my Fresh Look for my Into the Blue Fashion post.

Photography by Purple Dot Photography

Want to copy my look? Here goes:

So what do you think of my first video? I'll be doing this more often so please SUBSCRIBE to my You Tube channel! =)

For the list of products I used, just go to my channel and look on the video details to see!

Friday, September 20, 2013

FASHION + GIVEAWAY: 13 Going on 30

Wow, the BIG three-zero! I have finally arrived! A few months back, I was dreading the fact that it was my  last year in the 20's... the thought of being a 30 year old seemed to scare me. Now that I have finally turned 30, heck, I don't feel it at all! In fact, I am feeling even more fabulous than ever! Of course I have a lot to thank... God for all the blessings, my family, my friends, my sponsors and of course YOU, my readers. Thank you for making me feel young!

I was browsing through my photos from my 20's and wow, I couldn't imagine how I survived my 20 something late party nights, shark attack outfits and loads of smokey eye makeup. Indeed a lot has changed. But despite all the changes and how different I am now... it seems like it all went by so fast. It's like being a teenager and being in my 20's was only yesterday. That's why I chose 13 Going on 30 as a title for this post... it was just so fitting! Time really goes by SO FAST. Although I have absolutely no regrets... I know everything I did, even my mistakes, molded me to be the person that I am today. Every screw up, every "oops" and every "yikes" was part of HIS plan to teach me something. I really won't have it otherwise.

A friend told me just a few days ago: "Ok lang maging 30, at least mukha kang 24." Hay... THANK YOU! I really hope that I don't look like it! So ok fine, that really made my day and yes feel na feel ko. Pagbigyan niyo na... it's my birthday after all!

So now I am welcoming the "DIRTY THIRTIES" with open arms. I heard it's the best decade to be in and I sure am ready to see what this fabulous decade has in store for me. I am excited for new adventures to come as well as new realizations and new lessons. So come on dirty thirties... I am going to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. *3D glasses optional* 

(Thanks Xeng Zulueta! *wink*)

Photography by Purple Dot Photography
Red Bag with Beads and Scarf: @jbagsonlineshoppe (Instagram) 0927-6609015
Polka Dot Dress: The Landmark Makati
Shoes: My own DIY project 
Ombre Hair: Angelo Falconi III Salon

AND... because my birthday month is special, and because I am feeling SO BLESSED, I'd like to share my blessings with you, my readers, by having a birthday giveaway! I'll be giving away these gorgeous satin dresses to 2 lucky ladies. (1 dress each per winner. Color to be given will be random.)

Terms & Conditions:

1. This blog giveaway will end on September 26, 2013 (Thursday).
2. There will be TWO winners. One dress for each winner. Color to be given will be random.

3. You may retweet once a day for more chances of winning.
4. Contest is open to Philippine residents only.
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW: Skin 79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream

DISCLAIMER: This was sent to me for review purposes. I am not paid with cash or favors to do this review. 
I have been so excited to try this product because of so many good things I've heard about it. Snail Secretion has been finding its way into products like moisturizers, serums, eye creams and BB creams. Yes, I know it seems totally gross. Yes, it sounds disgusting. But before you make arte, it certainly does not smell like or has any feature that will make you think of snails or snail slime. Supposedly snail secretion keeps skin moist and healthy while building a protective layer over skin so it retains moisture. So deadma at the thought of snail slime touching your face... think about the benefits!

Swatches on my wrist
Above - WITHOUT Flash
Bottom - WITHOUT Flash

The shade is slightly grayish out of the tube but when sheered out, I see a pink undertone. This is normally suited for very fair skin complexions but BB creams normally have this way of adjusting to your complexion. Just make sure to not put too much product and it helps to adjust the tone with your setting powder.

It is not watery but it is not as creamy as the BB creams I am used to using so it is very easy to blend. As for the scent, like I mentioned earlier, no "snail-like" scent. It actually smells a bit like a masculine perfume. 

Above - WITHOUT Flash and finished makeup face
Bottom - WITH Flash and finished makeup face

My basis for coverage all the time is how well it covers my freckles. From afar, my freckles are not visible so I have to take close up shots of my cheek to show you how good the coverage is. This product gave me medium coverage as I could still see some of my freckles. It did seem light for my face at first but it did adjust to my complexion after a few minutes.
WTHOUT Flash and WITH Flash. After I set it with powder.

What I LIKE:
1. It gave an even finish and a radiant glow. 

2. It looked very natural and can be used for the no makeup look. 
3. It has a good SPF at 45.
4. It is moisturizing and did not get cakey even when some days I tried to put more than usual to build more coverage. 
5. The Snail Factor! Of course I'd prefer something with added benefits.


1. I have combination skin and the oil on my T-zone kept on showing up every hour or two so I had to do touch ups with powder in that area. That is usually my problem but it is good for normal days because of the nice glow it gave. However if I were to go to a party with lots of photo ops, I would use something which would stay matte longer.
2. If you have dark blemishes you would like to conceal, this product cannot do that alone as it gives medium coverage. It is buildable but not enough if you really want to conceal. So I suggest using a bit of concealer or foundation if you want more coverage.

Overall, I think this is a great BB cream. I would use it again especially for those added benefits of the snail secretions. Deadma sa snail... if it will make you prettier, go for it!

If you want to get this product, you may order from:

SMS / Viber: 0917-3098219
Instagram: @koreana_ph

Hope you enjoyed reading... Til my next blog post! =)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

FASHION: Dark Side.

Most of my outfit posts show you my usual makeup look - fresh and barely there with natural or pink lips. I could remember my early 20's when my usual look consisted of really dark smokey eyeshadow, fake lashes and nude lips. Ah yes... the party girl days. While I thought that look totally rocked back then, I guess with age comes not just a more mature attitude but also a more mature way of dressing and putting on makeup. I have said goodbye to what my boyfriend refers to as my "shark attack" outfits. Based on what he coined those outfits --- you know what I already mean! Sometimes I would dig through my closet and see some of these outfits and I really wonder how I pulled them off!

Indeed my look has certainly evolved and my eyelids have not had an eyeshadow experience for the past three years. I would remember my friends teasing me about having a permanent smokey eyeshadow... if that's even possible! Now, the product that I thought I couldn't live without then... I stay away from as much as possible! I am so loving the fresh look!

But having this no makeup look all the time made me think of trying something new. Yes I wanted to go dark again... but no, not my smokey look from years ago... I decided to try something that I've never tried before. VIOLET LIPS. Yes to match with my violet ombre hair.

I love this sheer chiffon skirt from @annpinkycloset (Instagram) I thought it would look perfect when I try the dark look. I accessorized with a necklace and a cocktail ring that I handmade myself for my jewelry line, OLEIC. I absolutely love how Eunice of Purple Dot Photography captured my dark look! We were just hanging out by the pool that day. Oh the joys of having a photographer girlfriend! We can simply hang out, take outfit shots... and hang out again!

Photography by Eunice Vallesteros of Purple Dot Photography

So what do you think of my dark look?

Jewelry - OLEIC
Chiffon Skirt - @annpinkycloset (Instagram)
Tube Top - The Landmark Makati
Violet Ombre Hair - Angelo Falconi III Salon

Sunday, September 8, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW: Skin 79 Trial Set

DISCLAIMER:  Hayan products were sent to me for review and giveaway purposes.  I am not paid with cash or favors for my reviews and giveaways.   - See more at:

DISCLAIMER:  Hayan products were sent to me for review and giveaway purposes.  I am not paid with cash or favors for my reviews and giveaways.   - See more at:
DISCLAIMER: These were sent to me for review purposes. I am not paid with cash or favors to do this review. 

I think this trial set is perfect for girls like me who are gaga over BB creams! It's not the usual trial pack that comes in small sachets that can last for one to two uses only.

It fits the palm of my hand and judging from the size of it and how I usually just use a pea size amount or less for BB creams, it can probably last for 2-3 weeks with everyday use. That really is enough time to be able to test the product and see which one you would like to purchase as full size.

For this post, I just want to compare the three first based on the swatches, consistencies and ingredients. I will also be posting individual reviews on each in the next few days.

WITH Flash.


The pink packaged Super Plus Beblesh Balm with Triple Functions - Whitening, Wrinkle Improvement and Ultraviolet Rays SPF 25 has ingredients that can protect skin from harmful environments and Phyto Complex with moisturizing and skin calming effect  to keep skin moist and healthy. Looking at the swatch, it has a slight grayish tone. In my experience with BB Creams with this tone, they usually look a bit too light for me at the start but after a few minutes, the color will blend with my skintone and will loose that too white effect on me.

The orange packaged Super Plus Beblesh Balm also has the Triple Functions that the pink one has but has a stronger SPF of 50. The upgraded sunscreen prevents skin discoloration and skin aging with UV, A and B protection. This BB cream  supposedly strengthens the skin's  overall protection capacity and blocks melanin formation while giving elasticity to sagging skin. I like the color of this one better than the pink one because it has a more yellow undertone that is more suited for Asian skin. You will see that difference in the swatches I have above. 

Lastly, the Snail Nutrition BB Cream also has the triple functions but with an SPF of 45. The one thing that makes it really different from the two is that it contains 45% of the Korean Snail Secretion Filtrate. This ingredient bestows a sleek and lustrous texture to the skin by preventing skin damage. Supposedly snail secretion keeps skin moist and healthy while building a protective layer over skin so it retains moisture. The color of this one is also different from the other two. It has a slightly grayish but pink undertone which would suit caucasian skin more but if it will blend with the skin just lke BB Cream usually does then that's ok. The texture is also less creamy as compared with the other two that are really creamy so this will probably be easier to blend.

So there you go, just a brief comparison of the three. This trial set is a steal at only P340.00. I'll be coming up with more detailed reviews on each so please do watch out for those posts. Meanwhile, if you would like to get yourself a trial pack like this one, here are the details of the seller:

SMS / Viber: 0917-3098219
Instagram: @koreana_ph

DISCLAIMER:  Hayan products were sent to me for review and giveaway purposes.  I am not paid with cash or favors for my reviews and giveaways.   - See more at: