Monday, December 19, 2011

DIY: Gift Wrapping Guru

Christmas again! And yes, I confess, I am addicted to wrapping gifts. Lately I would find myself happily wrapping gifts til 3am. My boyfriend already suggested I get a job at a department store's gift wrapping section. (Yes I'm THAT addicted!)

Every year, I have a "theme" for my gifts. There was one year my theme was "Microwaveables". All my gifts were inside plastic microwaveable containers, wrapped in japanese paper and covered with confetti. Another year it was "The Blues" --- Blue wrapping paper, blue cards, blue ribbon, blue boxes... everything blue! Last year was "Metallics". A mix of Gold, Silver and Bronze wrapping and ribbon --- very bling! For this year, I was thinking of  an earth friendly theme --- First thought, newspapers? EWWW. No way. Its an old idea, plus it's not very clean. I know I'd end up with black fingers after each wrapping session. So my GENIUS idea --- recycled boxes! Yep, I became a major collector of wine boxes, flour boxes, pasta boxes, tea boxes... lahat ng box! Everyone in my household was already asking me why boxes were piling up in one corner of the house. All I said was... BASTA!


I thought the idea was pretty cute. Add a colorful ribbon and voila! But then as I was walking around "SUR DE VI" (That's Divisoria said in class --- Thanks to a new friend, Ben Redulla for introducing me to the most sosyal way of calling it.) I found a GORGEOUS black and white wrapping paper from a street vendor. I just had to get it! I immediately bought everything he had (around 50 sheets - it was so inexpensive, promise!). And so my earth friendly theme transformed into a Earth-Friendly-Black-and-White-with-colorful-ribbon theme. So to the recipients of my gifts... don't think I'm going el cheapo on the packaging. When you tear of the pretty wrapper and see my recycled boxes --- remember, EARTH FRIENDLY!!! =)

My pretty black and white wrapper and ribbons

Recycled boxes inside the wrapper, finished off with colorful ribbons

and because I'm super ARTE... the gifts for the boys and men are made to look like shirts with ties (Feeling gift wrapping pro!)

Half of my gifts almost done... I think I'll be able to fill up the staircase! Hehe =)

Friday, December 2, 2011

DIY: Handpainted and Embellished Jeans

For my blog, i'll be sharing with you some Do-It-Yourself projects. Out the number of hobbies I got on my plate, designing and crafts is my first love! =) So here you go, my first DIY post!


Let out your inner bohemian and personalize your favorite pair of jeans. A little bit of paint, a dash of beads and sequins and a whole lot of imagination is all it takes for you to turn a timeless classic into a statement piece. 

Materials you need:

Textile Paints
Paint Brush
Mixing Dish
A Pair of Jeans

STEP 1:  Start painting your desired design on the jeans.

STEP 2: Hang the jeans and let it dry overnight

STEP 3: Check if your painting is completely dry. If it is, sew on beads, sequins or buttons. 
Use your creativity! =)

VOILA! Finished!

Wear and flaunt your design. =)

Photograhy by Filbert Kung
My hair by Charisma Vicuna

This article is on the latest issue of DEPOT FASHION Magazine... get a copy now, to view my article and to shop for the latest fashion items! =)


Saturday, November 5, 2011

THOUGHTS: Rookie Blogger Me!

Creating this page was quite a struggle at first since I had no idea what I was doing. Geez, I'm such a newbie. But after a quick HTML study session some trial and error... here you go. 

Tadahhh! My first official blog post! I am honestly not much of a writer and never thought I would be blogging but I gave it some thought and finally decided to create my very own blog. I realized that this is a great way to save and share tidbits of my life and my passions: FASHION, MAKEUP, FAMILY... and my most recent one, FOOD. 

I'll also be sharing updates on my first business, OLEIC, which is now on it's 6th year as an official business!... Yipee!

(OLEIC's first logo since it's birth in 2005)

I'm still trying to learn stuff and will improve on my page, but for now, I am quite happy with the turnout of a few hours of my HTML study session. Hehe. This is ok for the time being. 

That's it for now and here's hoping you'll be browsing through my posts in the future. =)