Monday, June 22, 2015


There are girls who love bags and there are girls who are just a sucker for shoes. I am definitely a shoe lover since birth. I get myself a new pair every month. I can't help it! I consider it as a reward for my hard work.

While I invest in a lot of classic pieces that I can wear in almost any outfit, once in awhile, I get myself some really unique looking pairs that cannot be worn with just any outfit but is definitely a statement piece. Check out this gorgeous pair that I scored in one of my trips to Hong Kong. It was such a steal at $80HK and I just had to have it!

Since my shoes are such an eye catcher, I decided to simplify my outfit to draw more attention to my shoes. I definitely did not want to look all over the place! I paired my shoes with simple leggings and an assymetrical top in blue to match the blue on my shoes.

I cannot wait to wear this pair in another outfit! 

Images by Eunice Vallesteros of Purple Dot Photography
@shootthatpurpledot (Instagram)

Hair color by Angelo Falconi III
@angelofalconi_d3rd (Instagram)

Gray Contact Lenses from @iluvsparklecontactlenses (Instagram)

Shoes from Hong Kong

Top and Leggings from Boardwalk Ph