Wednesday, January 16, 2013

FASHION: Draped in Black

As a makeup artist, I see to it that I wear black for my wedding gigs. First reason is that it looks very professional and second, I don't want to steal the bride's thunder by wearing loud colored outfits. (After all, it's her day and she deserves all the attention!) Two years ago, I started collecting LBD's just for my makeup gigs. I have not counted how many I have but they sure have piled up! I don't want to be wearing the same LBD for the next makeup job so I make sure I have enough to wear for work for the next few weeks before I repeat an outfit. Even if I have a lot of LBD's, I still see to it that they all have a different look.

Since I'm also the crafty type, I like to DIY on my outfits a lot. I usually collect fabrics or search for old clothes that I can cut up and make into something new. For example, this black dress I wore when I did makeup for my high school batchmate's wedding, was a large sized straight cut dress that I just folded and draped with safety pins. (Yes, sometimes I'm too lazy to put my sewing skills to use so I use my trusty pins and sew later when I feel like it.)

I love the way I was able to drape the fabric of this dress. It kind of has a "grecian" appeal to it. It also is very comfy and no one noticed is was only held together with safety pins. My gorgeous purse was a Christmas gift from my cousin, Eric and his girlfriend, Sienna. My ring is available for orders through my brand OLEIC. I love wearing it for my wedding gigs because the heart is always seen on the bridal photos and the on site wedding videos. My ruby red shoes, believe it or not, is also one of my DIY's! I'll post about how I did it on my next blog post, I promise!

Dress: My own DIY  |  Purse: A gift from last Christmas  |  Pumps: My own DIY  |  Accessories: OLEIC

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