Friday, May 3, 2013

SHOPPING: 1,000.00 Peso Challenge for May 2013

Every month, I challenge myself to a shopping spree worth P1,000.00. It's a chance for me to add new stuff to my wardrobe without spending too much. P1,000.00 usually isn't much when you're going on a shopping spree. But as a mom, I have to always be on a budget because my son's needs are priority. Of course, even if I am on a budget, I will never allow myself  to be out of style. Mommies, it is possible! You don't have to splurge on expensive stuff to look good, you just have to know where to look. I imposed some rules for myself for my monthly challenge, so here they are:
1. I can go a little bit over the P1,000.00 ($25.00). Like P1,120.00 is ok. But I'm not allowed to reach P1,500.00!
2. I have to be able to buy 3 or more items. So 1-2 is a fail!

One of my favorite places to go to for inexpensive but stylish clothing is The Landmark. This department store has so many choices! They have such a wide variety for different personal styles. Sometimes you won't immediately find something for you. Of course, you have to be patient enough to search the racks for the items with the right fit and style for you.

Here are my buys for the month:

These two sheer tops are light enough to put over a dress or tank top and shorts. They cost P159.75 (around $4) each only and they are perfect for summer! They can even be worn over a bikini on your beach trips for the summer. They come in a variety of colors but I chose these two so that they would be easy to match with my other clothes.

Here's another sheer top that I got. I'm wearing it over a black tank top and shorts. I really like this for my casual days because of the light fabric and it's loose without looking frumpy plus, it costed only P289.75. (around $7)

To finish my shopping spree, I opted for this one shoulder dress for a party or gathering I might go to. I absolutely love this piece! The fit is perfect and the design is quite simple but very stylish. And for only P339.75 (around $9), who could go wrong?
Here is the summary and total of my purchases:

P159.75 - blue sheer top
P159.75 - white sheer top
P289.75 - black top with shoulder cut outs
P339.75 - one shoulder striped top
P949.00 GRAND TOTAL (around $24)

I didn't even go over P1,000.00! Woohoo! Giving myself a pat on the back and heading home with a smile. =)


  1. Can't wait for your next fashion on the budget post! :)

    1. Thanks Emzi! Me too, excited to go on my next challenge for myself! Haha! =)

  2. I like all the oufits! I can't believe the sum total is less than a thousand pesos lang. Hope you can post outfits for rainy season! More power Ms Cielo!

    1. Thanks Cathleen! Sure I will blog about rainy season outfits soon =)

  3. That's great :) By the way, please can you post the brand names of the clothes you got on here? I'm planning to drop by The Landmark to buy some pieces you're wearing in this blog. Thanks in advance dear. <3

    1. Hi Cathleen! I checked the tags of these, tbey are unbranded, no brand name/ tag at the back. However, they are still available at the 3rd floor of Landmark at the Women's and Teens area =)Saw them a couple days ago =)