Thursday, May 23, 2013

THOUGHTS: On Being A Mom

Mother's Day just passed and like every year, I can say that it really is one of my favorite occasions. With the amount of greetings that I got, I sort of felt that it was like my birthday! On that day, I didn't go online for just a couple of hours and was overwhelmed to come back with 185 notifications on my Facebook profile. It really is a great feeling to be recognized for your greatest accomplishment in life... being a mom.

I must admit, being a mom at a young age was never easy. Yes, I was 18. But despite all the trials that comes with being a young mom, I have absolutely no regrets because it has made me what I am. Nico inspired me to work hard and be what I am today. I guess he was God's way of giving me that push that I needed in my life. I was able to put up my jewelry business before finishing college and was able to finish college with honors. All because of my little boy, my inspiration. I know I wouldn't have all my accomplishments if not for him.

Throwback: Speaking during my college graduation and receiving my Cum Laude award with my parents and my then three year old baby boy

Of course, I also owe a lot to my own mom. I know I wasn't always the good girl she hoped to have. But I never heard her complain. Despite my trying times, she never left my side and was always my bestfriend. Yes, she's my super idol. I wish I could be even half the mom that she is.

with my son, my brother and my beautiful mom

On a lighter note, I would also like to share some of the Mother's Day features that I was part of for this year. I was one of the "GlamMoms" for Star World's Mother's Day commercial. It felt great to be in line with such beautiful and awesome mothers from Star World's shows.


This commercial is also to promote Star World's Contest on Instagram. Are you a GLAM MOM? Follow @starworld_ph on Instagram Post your photo and hashtag: #selfie #ootd #glammoms @starworld_ph. Star World is giving out fabulous premiums! Who knows, you might just win! =)

A couple days before Mother's Day, I was also featured (together with actress and image specialist, Ana Roces) in GMA News Online's Lifestyle Section for the article "Sexy Moms Speak: It's In Our Attitude - And Our Choices" written by fashion and political personality, China Jocson.

As China interviewed me about  how I maintain being a sexy mom... I couldn't help but think to myself that being a sexy mom isn't about curves or washboard abs, it really is about how you carry yourself. It really is about a SEXY ATTITUDE! Being a mom is no reason for us to get "Losyang". No matter what we weigh, or how many stretch marks we get after pregnancy, we should always remember that these are our battle scars... it is what makes us the strong persons that we are. Being a sexy mom is also never about skimpy clothes, it's about wearing classy and age appropriate outfits. It's about being able to run a household even if  you're on a tight budget. It's about being able to spend time with your children despite your busy schedule. It's about looking good and feeling good.

The full article can be read on this link:

I also took screen shots of the article as a remembrance, so if you'd like to read on, here it is:

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