Monday, July 8, 2013

SHOPPING: 1,000.00 Peso Challenge for July 2013

For this month's 1,000 Peso Challenge, I chose to shop at a brand which is very close to my heart... BOARDWALK PHILIPPINES *! (I'll tell you why on a future post)

Boardwalk provides direct selling business opportunities to earn extra income. So, to be able to make a purchase, you can do so through a boardwalk agent by looking through their catalog and choosing which items you want to purchase. You can also check out their catalog online at

So for this month, here are my purchases:

This super cute ABBOT DRESS costed only P349.00 (around $9). I love this one because I can use it for my casual days with flats and use it as well for my business meetings as a designer with the right shoes and accessories.

I really really love jelly shoes! I have quite a collection already. So these IMBRIUMA SHOES are perfect to add to my collection. This pair is so comfy and cool! My feet can breath through the netted design and I can wear them during the upcoming rainy season. The best part is that this pair costed only P229.00! (Around $6)

Next, is my super favorite buy, the BEIMONTE TOP! For only P369.00 (Around $9)... I get 12 different styles! Why? Because the Beimonte Top can be worn 12 ways!

Now isn't that just fab??? (Yes, I know I'm super arte with all the posing, hehe, pagbigyan niyo na) This top is the perfect travel companion! With just a few pieces of clothing in your luggage, you can alternate this top every other day in between washes and your travel photos won't look like you wore the same item. The fit is just awesome, too! I've worn it with shorts, with a skirt, with leggings, with pants and it still looks awesome! I just change the style to suit the entire outfit I'm wearing.

To sum up my total purchases:



P947.00 GRAND TOTAL (Around $24)

I feel like I have 14 different items for less than a thousand pesos!!! Woohoo! Now THAT is smart shopping! =)


  1. Love the jelly shoes! As you said, they are great for the rain! Great purchase :-)

    1. Yup I really really love my purchases! Thanks for reading, ChristelPaola! =)