Friday, November 29, 2013

MAKEOVER: Almagrace

A couple months ago, I had a Blog Contest in cooperation with Purple Dot Photography. Winner gets a head to toe makeover from me and a photoshoot featuring the new look courtesy of talented lady photographer, Eunice Vallesteros of Purple Dot Photography. You can read about the feature and blog contest here.

The lucky winner was Almagrace Elvambuena. A med student whose personal style is quite simple. I like her personality... very soft spoken, down to earth and kind. The day I met her, I was so happy that she was the winner (chosen randomly) Almagrace is a good student with good grades and a very busy schedule...  I felt that she deserved this makeover! 

I gave Almagrace two looks. One to suit her personality, very sweet and bubbly and another one where I glammed her up and gave her a look she is not used to. Despite the new look, Almagrace rocked it! Check out her before and after photo:

We certainly enjoyed shooting Almagrace! I took some behind the scenes shots and some goofy shots, too.
Check out all of Almagrace's fabulous makeover photos below! =)

Eunice taking photos of Almagrace.
Goofy shots!
And now presenting, our gorgeous med student!:

Congratulations for winning our makeover contest Almagrace!!! We hope you love your new look and photos!!!

Do you want to win a makeover and photoshoot too? Keep following my blog and wait for announcements! =)

Hair, Makeup and Styling by Me
Photography by Eunice Vallesteros of Purple Dot Photography

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  1. wow! yan ang ganda di inakala, thumbs up sa ng makeover.. :-) galing nyo po Ms Cie.. :-)