Friday, December 13, 2013


Images by Eunice Vallesteros of Purple Dot Photography
Hair color & style by Angelo Falconi III
Jewelry by OLEIC Fashion Collection

I've tried pink, multi-toned purple and platinum blonde. While I thought I could not get any more adventurous with my hair color, my hairdresser, Angelo Falconi III gives me another hair adventure that I thought I only could dream of! The thought of this blue hue kinda scared me at first... would I be able to pull it off? And of course, after Angelo did his work... I was just in utter amazement (as always!) I was confident I could rock this look!!! I just loved it!

A few days after Angelo worked his magic, we brainstormed and thought that this look would be so fitting for a mermaid themed shoot for The Angelo Falconi III Salon website and ads. I designed the beaded bra and jeweled handpiece for this and it was so much fun to be working with Eunice of Purple Dot Photography for this shoot. Her images are super fab and she is so easy to work with!

As a child, I remember being asked what I wanted to be when I grow up. With all my innocence, I seriously said, "I want to be a Mermaid!" My parents never let me forget my silly childhood dream. To this day, they still tease me about it. But I admit I had and still have a great fascination for these mythical creatures. I just think there is so much beauty in the images that they depict. This childhood fascination of mine has indeed carried over to adulthood and my design aesthetic as a jewelry designer is often inspired by mermaids. 

As a brand ambassador for Angelo Falconi III Salon Professionals, this particular shoot made me feel even luckier to be endorsing the salon! (Not that I don't feel super lucky already!) I guess my silly childhood dream could come true... even just for a day. Or maybe a couple of months... since I'm keeping this hair color for awhile! =)

So what do you think of my mermaid look? Scroll down for more images from Purple Dot! =)


Purple Dot Photography
For events & photoshoots, contact Eunice at 0917-8153485

Angelo Falconi Salon Professionals
For appointments/ consultations, contact Angelo at 0917-5309669 / 02-8051396

OLEIC Fashion Collection


  1. OMG! ang Dyosa ng kagandahan... what a hair color.. nice one Ms Cie

    1. Welcome Ms Cie , BTW, I received na my prize... thanky much :-)

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