Friday, March 14, 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: DermXpert Beauty Soaps

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review purposes, I am not paid to review these products. I'm here to share my full honest opinions/review about the products.

Krave Cosmeceuticals recently tied up with DermXpert to provide the safest and effective whitening products. DermXpert products are all tested and guaranteed safe. They have different kinds of medicated soaps and facial creams that help in achieving flawless and lighter skin. I was given two different soaps to review which are the PEEL & GLOW w/ Alpha Arbutin Soap and the Cucumber and Green Tea Soap.

PEEL & GLOW w/ Alpha Arbutin

for Whitening, Rejuvenating, Exfoliating 

Peel & Glow with Alpha Arbutin sloughs off your dark skin.
A mild peeling will be experienced when using this amazing soap.
Safe skin peeling that is not obvious, and will gradually see glowing skin glow after glow.

Use 2 x daily. Leave for 3 minutes then wash. Follow up with our face cream and Activated ultra whitening lotion for body.
Use sunblock during daytime.
This soap is formulated with less SLS, it does not provide suds/bubbles like your ordinary soaps.

ALPHA ARBUTIN can be up to 10 times more effective than other lightening products, without the negative side effects typically found in skin-lightening agents such as hydroquinone. It is faster, more effective, and a safer approach to promoting skin brightening and even skin tone for all skin types.


Peeling is not very noticeable and can be hidden with use of moisturizer
After peeling, skin seems to have a radiant glow
Promotes a beautiful rosy glow
Has whitening ingredients that help lighten spots 
Has exfoliating properties that help make the skin feel smoother 
Affordable price
Visible and effective results in just a few days


Soap doesn't have suds / bubbles so I sometimes feel like I'm not getting any product on my skin
My skin feels tight and dry after using but I guess that's how you know it is working
Feels a bit stingy but bearable 

Cucumber & Green tea soap
For Face & Body - Shrinks pore size / rejuvenate skin and removes dirt)

The benefits of cucumber combined with Green tea give the benefits of anti aging, reverse UV damage, reduce redness & inflammation. It also helps with mild acne.

Use 2 x daily. Leave for 2-3 minutes then wash.


Lightens acne and pimple marks
Brightens the skin
Exfoliates dead skin and dirt
Has a mild scent 
No irritations experienced
Product lasts really long, mine lasted more than a month with twice a day usage
I had no sign of acne while I was using it
Affordable price

Skin can feel dry after using

I think these DermXpert products are great and really effective! People who are prone to acne will find these very useful because you can feel results in a matter of days. I am not prone to acne but I do have them from time to time and I still recommend these products for people like me because they work so well in PREVENTING skin problems.

Thanks for reading my review!

DermXpert products are available at:
Skin Kravings
Instagram: @skinkravings
Contact: 63915-8689211

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