Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Images by Purple Dot Photography

The weather in Las Vegas has certainly been improving. Having spent the holiday season here, I barely survived the horrible winter cold a couple of months ago. The below zero temperature was certainly not fun for a tropical girl like me! This week the temperature has been in the 20's... still a bit cold for me but I am so happy that my legs are beginning to see the light of day! I've been keeping them in 3 layers of leggings for the past two months and I certainly have been waiting for this day that I can wear shorts! Speaking of shorts, I absolutely love these origami shorts from Maliche Clothing. I think I'll be wearing this pair a lot!

My bag is from one of the brands I have been endorsing, Brilvant Clothiers. I wrote about this brand before here. From  its humble beginnings selling only bags, Brilvant Clothiers has certainly grown so much and now carries clothes and accessories as well! I think the success of the owners is so much deserved because they have been doing so much giving back to the community. This brand has been giving a portion of their sales to street children and organizing efforts to help out typhoon victims. They don't really like announcing the help that they have been giving... but I just think that people like them deserve the recognition! Here are some of their photos in their outreach programs:

To the owners of Brilvant Clothiers: Don't kill me for sharing your photos (I know you told me not to! Haha!) But I just think you guys are the best for all these efforts and I hope that you will continue all your good deeds. I know you guys will always be blessed. =)

One thing I do love about the cold is the fact that I can practice my layering skills. I can hardly layer my outfits in Manila and it has been so much fun being able to wear a lot of coats and boots over here! Sometimes I wish I can dress like this back home.

Photography by Eunice Vallesteros of Purple Dot Photography
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Blonde Hair by Angelo Falconi III
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Cocktail Ring by OLEIC by Cielo Fronteras

Bag from Brilvant Clothiers
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/BrilvantClothiers
Instagram: @brilvantclothiers

Origami Shorts from Maliche Clothing
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MalicheClothing
Instagram: @malicheclothing

Boots: Nine West

Coat: Ferragamo

Top: Cotton On

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