Friday, May 2, 2014

AT WORK: Mt. Pinatubo Trek + Giov & Kathy's Prenup Shoot Adventure

Giov and Kathy are one of those friends who are close to my heart. I have known Giov since I was a kid and as a doctor, he has always been there for my son's needs. I met Kathy later and instantly loved her warm personality. So when they asked me to be a part of their prenuptial shoot last year... I could not say no! We went on an awesome adventure trek to the crater of Mount Pinatubo, shooting their very unique and fashionable prenup shoot donning jewelry from my line, OLEIC, plus fabulous gowns from top designers Veejay Floresca and Martin Bautista shot by well known Photographer, Ian Santillan. I am writing this a year after to celebrate Giov and Kathy's first wedding anniversary! Their photos are so blog worthy and I am sure you will be stunned by the breathtaking views and fabulous photos of this good looking doctor couple.

We started our day at 3am. Giov and Kathy picked me up at my house and we convoyed with Ian to the area where we would start our 3 hour ride on 4 x 4's and our trek to the Mt. Pinatubo Crater. I was still jetlagged since I just arrived from my US trip the day before but the adrenalin was certainly there as I was so excited for this experience. I had a backpack full of my makeup and styling materials and Giov and Kathy had bags of food, refreshments and changes of clothes packed. All our makeup, styling and changes were done at the back of the 4x4's or behind large blankets that we brought. Certainly not one of the easiest things to do, we really roughed it and we got hungry, extremely thirsty and dehydrated... but I guess that's what made it extra fun! And the company was so much fun to be with. We were goofing around and enjoying the one of a kind experience!

Posing with our 4 x 4
Sights while riding the 4 x 4

While I do Kathy's makeup, Ian and Giov are busy putting on their sunscreen! How manly! =P
A moment with the Aeta children... I love them!
After hours of a bumpy ride on the 4 x 4's our trekking starts here!

Trekking... 10 more minutes to the crater...
And we finally arrive at the crater!

So beautifully jumpshot worthy!!!

And now for Giov and Kathy's breathtaking photos....






So absolutely breathtaking right? Kudos to the amazing photography of Mr. Ian Santillan as well! This photoshoot had the right mix of everything! I am thankful that Giov and Kathy chose me to style and do the makeup for their prenup because the experience was indeed amazing!

Now a year after, they are awaiting the arrival of their first born... maybe when their little one arrives, it'll be time for another photoshoot, this time for their new family of three! Congratulations Giov and Kathy!


Photography by Ian Santillan

White and Black gowns by Veejay Floresca

Red and Nude gowns by Martin Bautista

Hair, Makeup and Styling by Cielo Fronteras


  1. Hi! Pano yung process pag mag prenup sa Mt. Pinatubo? And magkano rates? Thanks!