Friday, May 9, 2014

FASHION: Friday Night

Images by Eunice Vallesteros
Hair by Angelo Falconi III
Friday Night in Vegas! I always look forward to Friday Night as it is my chance to dress up a little bit and hang out in a nice club or hotel. The weather has been warmer and so this is my chance to show a bit more skin. My arms and legs have not seen the light of day in months as I have been covering up because of the windy cold days in the past weeks.

I love this dress from Tan Gan which I have had in my closet for a year already and I want to keep it as long as it looks good! It is a sexy low back but classy even if it shows a lot of skin. I prefer low backs than showing a low cleavage as this is just more my style. It also puts pressure on me to make sure that I keep my back and arms toned!

I am wearing my hair in an entirely different way just to try a new look. I don't want to let go of my platinum blonde and blue hair just yet so I am experimenting with different ways to wear it.

I cannot wear high heels the way I used to anymore though. I remember my early 20 something days when I could trot around in my five inch heels and survive an entire night of clubbing. It did not matter if my friends and I stayed until the wee hours of the morning... I was good in my five inch heels! Lately though, three hours or less is enough for me. As much as I love wearing heels, I have been searching for nice wedges and flats that could look equally as nice as heels. This pair of flats I'm wearing is one of my favorites as it is very comfortable and ultra sexy! I have been an avid collector of jelly shoes as I love the comfort and look that they give and I am lucky to always be provided with these beautiful pairs from one of my favorite sponsors, JBE Scents and Bubbles. To check out other styles they have, just go to their facebook page here or visit their instagram page, @jbescentsandbubbles.

Images by Eunice Vallesteros of Purple Dot Photography

Platinum Blonde and Blue Hair color by Angelo Falconi III
@jbescentsandbubbles (instagram)

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