Tuesday, June 11, 2013

HAIR CHRONICLES: Brazilian Blowout

I was fortunate enough to be able to try a Brazilian Blowout courtesy of The Hair Lounge Salon in Wack Wack, Mandaluyong. I was pretty excited because this was something I've been wanting to try since I don't really like to carry a hairbrush with me. My long locks are hardly brushed! Yes, I'm the wash and wear type. I normally don't like to exert much effort on my hair but I still expect it to look Uh-mazing! Yes I know, if only my hair could speak up, it would nag me for more hair care. I visit the salon only once a year for my yearly trim. Other than that, all my hair coloring and treatments are done by myself or with the help of yaya, in the comfort of my own home.

Based on what I've researched about it, characteristically, the Brazilian Blowout treatment should eliminate frizz, straighten the hair and last about two - three months. It's a keratin-based treatment and can be done on virgin hair and even on chemically treated hair. Heated flat irons are used to close the product into the hair cuticle. The treatments do not guarantee completely straight hair, although if performed correctly, it does reduce the curl, frizz and waves of the hair. 

I arrived at The Hair Lounge Studio and was very happy with the staff's warm welcome. At first I thought that the salon was quite small, only to realize that I was only at the receiving area and was led to the 2nd floor where it was really spacious and the seats were very comfortable. 

The Hair Lounge from outside
First Floor

Spacious 2nd floor and comfortable seats

After I got seated, two ladies from the staff immediately got to work. Armed with their flat irons, one lady on each side. I was given a cup of coffee and a pile of the latest magazines. My man accompanied me during this salon visit and I appreciated that he was also accommodated with a cup of coffee, reading material and a comfortable seat while he waited.

Friendly staff working on my tresses

My cup of coffee and lipstick stain, hehe =)

After 2-3 hours more or less, the treatment was finished! and here is my before and after result:

It did eliminate the natural wave and slight frizz I had on my hair. What I liked about it is that it didn't look "TOO STRAIGHT" (like a walis). It looked very natural. Although I am not sure if it will turn out the same for others as results may vary depending on your hair type. If you are planning to have this done and are wondering about the results, I suggest consulting the experts so they can assess your hair and let you know how it will turn out for you.

Frontal view of end result.
My man waiting for me at the back! Haha! =)

If you would like to consult them regarding the Brazilian Blowout, The Hair Lounge Salon is located in 520 Shaw Blvd. cor Old Wack Wack Rd, 1555, Mandaluyong. You can also set an appointment by calling them through the following numbers: (02) 2393702, (02) 6248444, 09178084848


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