Friday, June 21, 2013


Ok I admit, I love coloring my hair. I've gone super black, medium brown, light brown, reddish brown and dark blonde. Don't get me wrong, I do love my naturally dark brown hair... but sometimes I just love changing it up. It feels like an adventure every time that I do. It's like I'm waiting to surprise myself at how different I'd look. All my hair coloring and treatments in the past have been DIY. By myself or with the help of yaya for those hard to reach parts.

But alas, I think I have to kiss my DIY hair treatments goodbye because now, I've found my hair angel. Mr. Angelo Falconi, owner of the Angelo Falconi III Salon's is THE man! I coined him my hair angel because it really suits his name, diba? But I don't just call him that for fun because he literally is! As a Loreal Master Colourist and Loreal Ambassador, he really is the guy to go to if you want expert hair color and treatment.

I met him back in 2007 as my mentor when I studied makeup in the Center for Aesthetic Studies. He was a  terror professor and I will never forget that he did make me cry! He really is a perfectionist and honestly I now appreciate how strict he was with my class because we really would not have turned out the makeup artists that we are if not for him. Today, he is a very good friend and the only one I trust to color my hair.

I can no longer remember how our discussion went but somehow we were just chatting at that time and then the discussion geared to hair. PINK ombre hair. And why not? I guess it was time to try something REALLY different. The thought of it scared me a bit at first but then I realized that my tresses were in VERY GOOD HANDS. So... no fear.

Angelo worked on my hair himself. His staff, assisting him as he moved. It seemed so complicated! I couldn't understand what he was doing but I guess that is how he works his magic. So I turned to my phone, started facebooking and stopped worrying. After what seemed like a very quick treatment, Angelo called my attention and I was simply in awe when I saw myself in the mirror. I LOVED IT!!!

Before and After. Angelo had to bleach the ends of my hair a bit for the pink to pop out.

With my Mentor and Loreal Master Hair Colorist, Angelo Falconi III

It's been two weeks and I'm still loving my pink ombre hair. I have been approached by random ladies several times, asking me where I had it done. All the more that I enjoy flaunting it everywhere! The best thing I love about it is that my wash and wear ways really work with it! (Yes, I never pack a hairbrush in my purse) No need to brush and blow dry and it still looks amazing!

Walking around at the mall, my friend Eunice of Purple Dot Photography saw how nice it looked as my hair flowed with the gentle breeze. She took a few shots and as we checked through her camera, I felt that I was looking through a magazine! My pink hair was so beautiful! I kept it in a bun for just a couple of hours and when I let it down... this was the result! No brushing and styling aids even! Here are our shots from that day:

When in doubt.... THINK.... PINK! Wala lang! Haha!

Want to try Angelo's hair magic? You can reach him through his facebook account. Click here.
Or check out his website: to check out his events and list of branches.

Dress: OLEIC
Photos by: EUNICE VALLESTEROS of  Purple Dot


  1. Hi please make DIY pink ombre, or let us know how much you spent in this treatment. Ive been searching for pink hair color, but I cannot find one here in Phils. :( Thank you!

    1. Hi Jea, Regarding the pricing, I'll repost here the answer straight from Angelo Falconi himself: =)

      "if you already have an existing hair colour, SINGLE COLOUR APPLICATION will only cost you a minimum of 1,500 pesos. A complicated ombre like Cielo's hair can be more costly because it is actually TWO TONED BOTH TOP AND BOTTOM. Notice her top part, you can see some dark toned lines mixed with her base… If you only wanted to add lighter tones at the ends, it will cost you a minimum of 1,500 if you have thin hair, ONE COLOR,ONE APPLICATION. Cost goes up if you wanted a shade that will need MULTIPLE COLOR APPLICATION like Cielo had that can possibly cost from 3K to 6K depending on length and density.

      Come and visit and get FREE CONSULTATION so you know how much you will be spending for a PROFESSIONALLY DONE Color. COST DEPENDS ON THE PRESENT CONDITION OF YOUR HAIR. So come and visit and get a quotation! Thank you."