Monday, June 17, 2013

SHOPPING: 1,000.00 Peso Challenge for June 2013

Last May, I started my first post on my monthly P1,000.00 shopping challenge. It's a chance for me to add new stuff to my wardrobe without spending too much. Of course as a mom, my son's needs are priority so I always have to be on a budget but will never sacrifice my style! You can read about last month's post here.

Yes I will admit, I love going to Landmark. Again for this month, I spent my monthly challenge there.

You know that feeling when you find an article of clothing that you love so much and you end up buying it in all colors? Ok I admit... I'm GUILTY! This shopping challenge was not at all difficult for me because I ended up doing just that. Here are my buys for the month:

The thing about this dress that I love so much is the fact that the colors create an illusion of curves and a smaller waist. It's made in stretch fabric, the type used for t-shirts so it's very light and stretchy and can easily be converted for day use to night use with a change of accessories. Best part is that it costed only P249.75 (around $6-7) each!

After fitting the dress, I spotted these tops. I wanted to get the black and look for another item but as I took the black one from the hanger, I saw the pink one and it just begged me to take it home. I couldn't resist! These tops are super cute. Perfect for our warm weather with the peek-a-boo shoulders and laser cut details on the sleeves. It's a bit loose at the waist area so no need to suck in that tummy. They were a steal at only P239.75 (around $5-6) each!

Here is the summary and total of my purchases:
P249.75 - black and yellow dress 
P249.75 - black and white dress 
P239.75 - black top with shoulder cut outs 
P239.75 - pink top with shoulder cut outs


P979.00 GRAND TOTAL (around $25)

Again, I stayed within my budget and was able to come home with 4 cute items that I can really use for my day to day activities. Yay, more clothes! Can't wait to shop again next month! =)

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