Thursday, October 10, 2013

FASHION: Give A Dream

Maliche Clothing is a brand that carries designer inspired clothing and low cost RTW's without compromising quality. Maliche Clothing is also a brand that I am so proud to be supporting. GIVE A DREAM --- That is exactly what this clothing brand does.

Maliche clothing supports the Virlanie Foundation. 10% of their profits go to the foundation which aims to take care of children in need and help to support them for their future.

About the Virlanie Foundation:
Virlanie provides children with a home... A family.
12 homes serve as the home to more than 200 children every year. Children can be in a Virlanie Home for as short as a few months to many years depending on their needs. Apart from food, shelter and clothing, Virlanie provides children with opportunities to study, finds ways to try to re-unite children with their famiies (if they are capable of caring for the children), and endeavors to give children psychological intervention, and assistance with their legal cases.
Virlanie, through the help of individuals, organizations and companies provides nutritious meals for all 240 babies, toddlers and children, formal schooling and educational support and psycho-social developmental activities.
This foundation has been able to change the lives of many young people who otherwise, would have stayed in the streets, and would have not developed into responsible individuals.

I really admire brands like Maliche who try to do their bit to help in their own way. Despite how competitive the fashion business is today, there are still people like them who can share what they earn. With a percentage of Maliche's sales, for sure it would be a great help to support the future of some children. Imagine, if all business owners did their own way of helping out others, our world would indeed be a better place.

This gorgeous white dress I am wearing is one of Maliche's best sellers. It is simple, elegant and unique in its own way. I absolutely love it! It is available in other colors too.

The necklace I'm wearing is my own handmade design from my Jewelry line, OLEIC.

Photography by Eunice Vallesteros of Purple Dot Photography

Aside from the elegant dresses featured in this post, Maliche Clothing also carries other designs that are casual and very chic. They have a wide variety to suit your personal style.
I'll be featuring something casual from Maliche in a future blog post.

Support Maliche! And somehow you will be able to help children reach for their dreams. =)

To see more of Maliche's designs and for orders, you may visit their social media accounts:
Maliche Clothing
Facebook Account:
Instagram: @malicheclothing
SMS: +639053160175
Viber: 971559346996

Necklace: OLEIC by Cielo Fronteras


  1. I seriously love your dress!!! I like the simplicity and elegance.
    Noticed your super flawless underarms. Any tips? :-)

    1. I love the dress too! You can order it in other colors from Maliche Clothing. =)

      As for my underarms, I am really blessed to be born with nice underarms. Haha! Yes, I feel very lucky! =) I try to maintain them by not putting on anti perspirants when I am just at home. I also scrub them gently when taking a shower. =)