Monday, October 21, 2013

REVIEW: Vani Facial w/ Diamond Peel & Ultrawhite Mask at Vanity Skin Aesthetics

I have never had a facial my entire life. Seriously! But since I have Vanity Skin Aesthetics in Makati to take care of my skin, I guess it's time I gave it a try. There is always a first right?

Vanity Skin Aesthetics has different kinds of facials. Ranging from as low as only P450.00 to a P1,500.00. For my first try, I went for the Vani Facial with Diamond Peel and Ultrawhite Mask. It was my first time to try a Diamond Peel too so I was so excited! I tried to keep track of what was done but it was quite difficult since I was such in a relaxed mode.

First, all my makeup was removed by my therapist.This felt like a relaxing massage already:

Of course I had to take photos! First step done, photo op done. On to the next step, the Diamond Peel:

I was getting real sleepy by this time. The Diamond Peel felt great and I could just feel like my skin was getting cleaned thoroughly.
After the Diamond Peel, the therapist checked if I had any whiteheads and blackheads, I had some on my nose and a few large ones on my forehead. She did an AWESOME job of taking them out! I looked at a mirror and my face was so clear of tiny bumps from whiteheads and blackheads. This was my favorite part. It hurt bit but it felt so good to take those pesky stuff out!

This was followed by the Ultrawhite Mask which is designed to whiten dark spots and even out the skin color. 

After the mask was applied, I was left to relax a bit with the mask on:

Yes, I had to take selfies! The mask felt great. It had a slight cooling effect. After probably 15 minutes (I'm not sure anymore how many minutes exactly), the mask was removed and my face felt soooo clean and smooth! I noticed that my forehead and nose was super clear from the whiteheads and blackheads. My face seemed brighter too! I liked the glow of my skin! I was advised not to touch my face and not apply makeup the entire day.

I am so happy I gave this a try! I would definitely do this again! This facial costs only P800.00... inclusive of the diamond peel! Very affordable right?! 

Thank you Vanity Skin Aesthetics! =)

For appointments:

Vanity Skin Aesthetics
Tel# 511-0966
G/F Crown Tower
107 HV Dela Costa
Salcedo Village, Makati City.

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