Friday, January 24, 2014

FASHION: Winterrific!

Images by Eunice Vallesteros of Purple Dot

I am so loving my very long vacation but one thing I certainly am not enjoying is Winter! I am freezing to death! There are nights when I literally could not move... and I refuse to! This season, my bestfriends are my comforters (3 layers of them) and my trusty $20 heater from Walmart. I sit in front of the heater for hours in the evening. Being a girl who is so used to the Philippine tropical weather... this cold is kind of torture for me.

My parents always told me to look at the bright side of things... while I am hating the cold, I will admit that there are still a lot of good things that this weather brings. Of course, because of this teeth chattering weather, I do not sweat at all... even if I tried! Not even an hour of nonstop Xbox Dancing makes me sweat. I feel very fresh no matter what! Haha!

One more thing that I really love, is the fact that I can wear outfits that I really could not wear back home! It's fun to be able to experiment with scarves, hats, boots, layering, etc. If I wore these things back home, I certainly would have gotten a few stares. Fashion layering is so much fun! And while knee high boots would give a slutty vibe back home, here I can wear them and even pair them with leather leggings and furry stuff and be an uber fashionista! Yippee!

So ok... maybe I hate it... and maybe I don't! The cold and I have a love-hate relationship. But while I'm here, I shall embrace it... It's absolutely WINTERRIFIC!

My cute dress is from Agetro Trends, a store with a really wide array of branded clothing. I cannot contain my excitement every time I see all the new stocks they have! Lucky me, they had a lot of sweaters and winter-y outfits available for me before I left for my vacation.

My hat is from a good friend and fellow accessory designer, Adri. We go way back as starting designers and I could remember all our girl talk nights back in the Philippines. Who would have known that we would take our girl talk nights in Vegas??? Yep, we are no longer those young, budding designers from way back. Time to take it International right!? Haha! You can view more of Adri's designs here.

My bag is from Brilvant Clothiers, one of my favorite bag suppliers back home. I wrote about this brand on one of my previous posts. You can read about it here. I love all their bags and I took a bunch with me here so I can change bags everyday while I experiment with layering. It'll also prevent me from going bag shopping while I am here since I have so many already and  new bags will simply not fit in my luggage anymore! (Ok, maybe I  can shop for one... or two ... or three?) Haha!

And of course, don't you just love Angelo Falconi's artwork on my hair? Blonde may be common over here... but Platinum blonde and Blue Ombre? Spell UNIQUE! I have had so many compliments for my hair. The pop of color is indeed a standout. Many times I have been mistaken as an American. Of course, I correct them and say I am a Filipina... and proud of it!

Images by Eunice Vallesteros of Purple Dot
Instagram: @shootthatpurpledot
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Dress: Agetro Trends
Instagram: @agetrotrendsboutique

Hat: Adri Fashion
Instagram: @adriismyname

Bag: Brilvant Clothiers
Instagram: @brilvantclothiers

Hair: Angelo Falconi III
Instagram: @angelofalconi_d3rd

Boots: Nine West

Instagram: @cielofronteras

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