Wednesday, January 8, 2014

VLOG + GIVEAWAY: Nail Art Decals Tutorial

Hi ladies! Don't you just love that feeling of freshly manicured nails? And why not take it to the next level with some cool nail art? I just found an easy way of having awesome nail art that is SUPER EASY that you can do it yourself but looks like you had it done professionally! This is by using NAIL DECALS! These nail decals were sent to me by Isabelle's Boutique, an online shop that sells a lot of different stuff you can use to make your nails look oh-so-gorgeous! The shop's owner, Isabelle, is a young entrepreneur who not only sells nail stuff but her super delicious homemade cupcakes as well! She even sent me this photo and instructions to help me learn how to use the nail decals myself. I really appreciate shop owners like her who make an extra effort to make sure her clients know how to use the product. 

I really enjoyed using these nail art decals! I even made a tutorial video on my first try... and here it is! (View more of my tutorials & videos on my Youtube channel -

Steps on How to Apply Nail Art Decals

Things you’ll need:
      Nail Art Decal in design of your choice
      A small dish with water
      Top coat polish of your choice
      Face towel (to act as work station so not to wet your table/work place)
      Nail File

Cut nail art decals to individual nail design.
                TIP: If you are doing this alone, cut the designs exactly to your nails. Be careful not to cut to much off the sides and leave an allowance on the length of the decal

Put 1 or 2 nail design on water. Wait for a 30secs to 1 minute for the design to separate from the paper.               
                NOTE: Think of this as a fake tattoo that the paper detaches from the design.
                TIP: You may feel the design and separate it yourself using your finger. Be careful not to rip the design.

Once the design is separated from the paper, place it directly on nail. Stick is all over the nail especially the sides and tip.
                NOTE: Make sure to stick it on all sides.
                TIP: Apply base coat to nails and wait to dry then cut decals. Make sure that nails are clean and dry. Decals won’t stick well when nails are oily or dirty.

Blow dry nails for the decals to stick faster.

Once the decals are in place, carefully file the tips of the nails to remove excess design.
                NOTE: Be careful in filling. File in straight downward direction and not in diagonal downward direction.

Once the excess has been filed off, apply top coat.
                NOTE: Be careful on not put too much top coat it can cause the design to melt away. If you want to apply more, you may do so after the first top coat. If sides or tips fold that means that the decals didn’t tips in said areas.

                TIP: For long lasting decals, apply top coat every day or every other day.

NAIL DECALS are awesome right??? and because my readers deserve gorgeous nails, Isabelle's Boutique and I have partnered on this super cool GIVEAWAY! One lucky reader will win 5  SETS OF NAIL DECALS plus a surprise gift all from Isabelle's Boutique! See terms & conditions and join via the Rafflecopter Widget below. =)

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  1. nice review! and w/ matching steps pa nga hehhee, I had an idea na... :-)

    1. Thank you so much for the comment and for joining Lynee!!! =) Winner will be drawn soon! =)

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