Wednesday, January 22, 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: Skin 79 Super Plus BB Cream in Hot Pink

DISCLAIMER: This was sent to me for review purposes. I am not paid with cash or favors to do this review. 

So I was given this trial set of the different Skin 79 BB Creams. I made a general review of all of them here. I tried using each one on different weeks so I could really test them and see the difference of each.

I tried the Skin 79 Super Plus BB Cream in Hot Pink.

Swatches on my wrist
Above - WITHOUT Flash
Bottom - WITHOUT Flash

The pink packaged Super Plus Beblesh Balm with Triple Functions - Whitening, Wrinkle Improvement and Ultraviolet Rays SPF 25 has ingredients that can protect skin from harmful environments and Phyto Complex with moisturizing and skin calming effect  to keep skin moist and healthy. Looking at the swatch, it has a slight grayish tone. In my experience with BB Creams with this tone, they usually look a bit too light for me at the start but after a few minutes, the color will blend with my skintone and will loose that too white effect on me.  

Above - WITHOUT Flash and finished makeup face
Bottom - WITH Flash and finished makeup face

As for coverage, this product gives a light to medium coverage. I found that the Snail Nutrition BB gave me more coverage. This product is good for a very natural look... if you really want to look like you have no makeup at all. It could not completely cover dark spots but despite the light-medium coverage it really achieves a fresh no makeup look that a lot of women want.

WTHOUT Flash and WITH Flash. After I set it with powder.

What I LIKE:
1. It gave an even finish and a radiant glow. 
2. It looked very natural and can be used for the no makeup look. 
3. It is moisturizing and did not get cakey.
4. The moisturizing, whitening and wrinkle improving ingredients.
5. Very easy to blend.
6. Color oxidizes right away and adjusts to my skin tone despite the grayish tone before application.
7. Has a nice powdery scent. 

1. SPF is only at 25 compared to the Skin 79 Snail Nutrition BB which has an SPF of 45 and the Skin 79 Orange BB which has an SPF of 50.
2. It is not made for very oily skin as it is not matte so a finishing powder should really be applied so as not to look oily.
3. It does not control oil as well as the Snail Nutrition BB and the Orange BB.

Overall, I think this would be a really good BB if you are not into much coverage. If the very natural look is what you want, then this is the BB for you! If you want more coverage though, the Snail Nutrition or Orange BB will be better for you. This is also good for more mature skin as it is dewy and has a lot of moisturizing properties. 

If you want to get this product, you may order from:
SMS / Viber: 0917-3098219
Instagram: @koreana_ph

Hope you enjoyed reading... Til my next blog post! =)


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