Wednesday, September 11, 2013

FASHION: Dark Side.

Most of my outfit posts show you my usual makeup look - fresh and barely there with natural or pink lips. I could remember my early 20's when my usual look consisted of really dark smokey eyeshadow, fake lashes and nude lips. Ah yes... the party girl days. While I thought that look totally rocked back then, I guess with age comes not just a more mature attitude but also a more mature way of dressing and putting on makeup. I have said goodbye to what my boyfriend refers to as my "shark attack" outfits. Based on what he coined those outfits --- you know what I already mean! Sometimes I would dig through my closet and see some of these outfits and I really wonder how I pulled them off!

Indeed my look has certainly evolved and my eyelids have not had an eyeshadow experience for the past three years. I would remember my friends teasing me about having a permanent smokey eyeshadow... if that's even possible! Now, the product that I thought I couldn't live without then... I stay away from as much as possible! I am so loving the fresh look!

But having this no makeup look all the time made me think of trying something new. Yes I wanted to go dark again... but no, not my smokey look from years ago... I decided to try something that I've never tried before. VIOLET LIPS. Yes to match with my violet ombre hair.

I love this sheer chiffon skirt from @annpinkycloset (Instagram) I thought it would look perfect when I try the dark look. I accessorized with a necklace and a cocktail ring that I handmade myself for my jewelry line, OLEIC. I absolutely love how Eunice of Purple Dot Photography captured my dark look! We were just hanging out by the pool that day. Oh the joys of having a photographer girlfriend! We can simply hang out, take outfit shots... and hang out again!

Photography by Eunice Vallesteros of Purple Dot Photography

So what do you think of my dark look?

Jewelry - OLEIC
Chiffon Skirt - @annpinkycloset (Instagram)
Tube Top - The Landmark Makati
Violet Ombre Hair - Angelo Falconi III Salon


  1. I am so in love with you hair..