Friday, September 27, 2013

FOOD: Cooking Party # 2!

Last time, I wrote about the first cooking party that I had with my girlfriends. If you weren't able to read about that you can read it here.  Anyways, we had so much fun bonding during our first one so we decided to try to make this a weekly thing.  As I mentioned in my first story about our Cooking Party, this is a great way to bond with girlfriends and at the same time teach each other how to make easy to prepare meals. We decided to have themes for each party and this time around we agreed on the theme "ROLLS".

I decided to make my super favorite, Vietnamese Spring Rolls. Dianne taught us how to make Bacon Asparagus Rolls. Kathy however didn't follow the theme and made a Gelatine Dessert (Haha, Madaya!) But no one complained since it was sooo good!

And I have a treat for you, at the end of this story, I'll share with you one of the recipes that we made!

Kathy teaching us her gelatin dessert while Dianne takes notes.

Dianne's sauce for her bacon rolls!

BACON!!! I'm trying to turn vegetarian, but I couldn't resist!

Bacon is LOVE!!!

Cooking time! Smells heavenly!

Time to teach the girls how to make my Vietnamese Spring Rolls!

And here are the results of what we each made:

Gelatin with Cookie Toppings ala Kathy
Bacon Asparagus Rolls ala Dianne

Vietnamese Spring Rolls ala Cielo

Here's everything! YIPEEE!!!

Fun cooking party with my girls!

And as promised I'll share with you one of the recipes we made that day!

Gelatin with Crushed Cookie Toppings:

1 Package Strawberry flavored powder gelatin

All Purpose Cream
Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies


1. Cook gelatin with a little bit less water than the instructions on the box. This will make the gelatin firmer.
2. Put gelatin in mold/s.
3. Refrigerate gelatin until firm.
4. Spread all purpose cream on top of the gelatin.
5. Crush Chips Ahoy.
6. Put crushed cookies on top of the all purpose cream.

TADAH! You're done! Now wasn't that super easy?
Time to think of my new recipe for our next cooking party! Maybe I'll share a recipe again here next time so watch out for that! =)


  1. I want to try this Gelatin w/ cookie topping!... konti lang ung ingredients nya, pero parang masarap sya ah!

  2. Me & my bf love cooking, too!! Thanks for this post! I'm actually looking for cooking tips right now. :-)

    1. I taught myself how to cook by just watching my mom and browsing recipes online. Now, cooking is an awesome bonding time for me and my boyfriend! =)