Wednesday, September 18, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW: Skin 79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream

DISCLAIMER: This was sent to me for review purposes. I am not paid with cash or favors to do this review. 
I have been so excited to try this product because of so many good things I've heard about it. Snail Secretion has been finding its way into products like moisturizers, serums, eye creams and BB creams. Yes, I know it seems totally gross. Yes, it sounds disgusting. But before you make arte, it certainly does not smell like or has any feature that will make you think of snails or snail slime. Supposedly snail secretion keeps skin moist and healthy while building a protective layer over skin so it retains moisture. So deadma at the thought of snail slime touching your face... think about the benefits!

Swatches on my wrist
Above - WITHOUT Flash
Bottom - WITHOUT Flash

The shade is slightly grayish out of the tube but when sheered out, I see a pink undertone. This is normally suited for very fair skin complexions but BB creams normally have this way of adjusting to your complexion. Just make sure to not put too much product and it helps to adjust the tone with your setting powder.

It is not watery but it is not as creamy as the BB creams I am used to using so it is very easy to blend. As for the scent, like I mentioned earlier, no "snail-like" scent. It actually smells a bit like a masculine perfume. 

Above - WITHOUT Flash and finished makeup face
Bottom - WITH Flash and finished makeup face

My basis for coverage all the time is how well it covers my freckles. From afar, my freckles are not visible so I have to take close up shots of my cheek to show you how good the coverage is. This product gave me medium coverage as I could still see some of my freckles. It did seem light for my face at first but it did adjust to my complexion after a few minutes.
WTHOUT Flash and WITH Flash. After I set it with powder.

What I LIKE:
1. It gave an even finish and a radiant glow. 

2. It looked very natural and can be used for the no makeup look. 
3. It has a good SPF at 45.
4. It is moisturizing and did not get cakey even when some days I tried to put more than usual to build more coverage. 
5. The Snail Factor! Of course I'd prefer something with added benefits.


1. I have combination skin and the oil on my T-zone kept on showing up every hour or two so I had to do touch ups with powder in that area. That is usually my problem but it is good for normal days because of the nice glow it gave. However if I were to go to a party with lots of photo ops, I would use something which would stay matte longer.
2. If you have dark blemishes you would like to conceal, this product cannot do that alone as it gives medium coverage. It is buildable but not enough if you really want to conceal. So I suggest using a bit of concealer or foundation if you want more coverage.

Overall, I think this is a great BB cream. I would use it again especially for those added benefits of the snail secretions. Deadma sa snail... if it will make you prettier, go for it!

If you want to get this product, you may order from:

SMS / Viber: 0917-3098219
Instagram: @koreana_ph

Hope you enjoyed reading... Til my next blog post! =)

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