Thursday, September 5, 2013

FOOD: Yummy Mummys' First Cooking Party!

As a family woman, I'm always looking for new recipes to fill my little one's appetite as well as to impress my man. After all, we all know that the best way to his heart is through his stomach! Haha! But seriously, we all know that these are one of our goals as women. Although of course, as a career woman too,  I don't always have the time to slave over the kitchen.

As a solution, my friends and I have recently come up with this GENIUS idea to get together at least once a week and have a cooking party! So what is this cooking party? Well, all participants in the cooking party should contribute at least one quick and easy recipe to teach the others and then we all gather and eat our creations afterwards! Sounds fun? Indeed it was!

I documented our first cooking party so I could show you and maybe inspire you busy moms that you can help each other with stuff like these. There were three of us (the pioneers) for our first party and we hope that our other friends will join our future cooking parties. There is Kathy, the busy entrepreneur with her own fashion line and dermatology clinic. Next is Dianne, who manages her family business and goes to and from Binondo almost everyday. And ME, the jewelry designer / makeup artist / model / blogger / you-name-it-i-can-do-it-girl. Yes, all busy family women who still want to be able to cook and impress our families with our cooking prowess.

Kathy contributed a very easy Sinampalukang Manok dish. Dianne made a Mango Cream Cake Dessert with a little bit of Cinnamon, and I made a Yummy Cheesy Baked Tuna Melt!

L-R - Me, Kathy and Dianne




 Kathy preparing her materials and her Sinampalukang Manok in the marinade. =)

Me and Dianne in our cute sexy aprons!

Me preparing my Cheesy Tuna Melt!

Break eggs with poise!

About to put our dishes in the oven!

Dianne making her Mango Cream Dessert!

A peak in the oven...  My Cheesy Tuna Melt looks Awesome!!! Smells heavenly too! =)

Dianne adds this dish... Creamy Pesto Ravioli... Yum!!!

Oops we forgot to take a pic of the dessert which was still cooling in the freezer... but here you go! Now wasn't that just mouth watering!? It was so much fun too! It's also a reason for us girls to meet up, not just to share our recipes but to bond and share gossip, family stories, makeup tips... you know, girly stuff! We decided to call ourselves the "Yummy Mummys" Yes, may name pa! Haha! we also plan to have matching aprons in our future cooking parties. (Career na to!) And, we will also have themes. theme for our next party is - "Rolls". I'll document that too so that I can share with you what rolls we will be making. I'll be sharing some of our recipes in a future blog post too so do stay tuned! =)

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