Thursday, August 8, 2013

EVENTS: Nivea Express Raid

A couple of months ago I was one of the chosen ones to participate in The NIVEA Express Raid. This event promotes the new EXPRESS HYDRATION lotion that repairs dryness in 24 hours.

And because it repairs dryness within 24 hours, the NIVEA Express Raid challenge was to grab P24,000.00 worth of items within 60 seconds. For this challenge, we were to raid UNIQLO. OMG, 24k worth of outfits at UNIQLO!? Drool. I couldn't contain my excitement and was crossing my fingers to win!

I arrived at UNIQLO on time and was surprised that majority of my competition were men! It was nice to know that even men use NIVEA Express Hydration themselves. I've been using it for months and took bottles with me during my one month stay in USA early this year and I must say that I couldn't live without it! It certainly repaired my skin which suffered ultimate dryness with the freezing snowy weather in New York. Anyways, back to the Express Raid. As soon as the challengers were complete, NIVEA's Raisa Mislang briefed us on the rules of the competition. After the briefing, it was time for the challenge!
Raisa briefing us on the rules.
And of we go! 2 ladies, against 2 guys! Goodluck to me!

After the 60 seconds, we were immediately called back to the counter area where they checked our items.

Time to total the stuff we grabbed!
And the results were in and.....

WAAAH LOSER!!! Hahaha! That was hard ha! I couldn't grab and compute at the same time in a matter of 60 seconds! My challengers and I were all laughing at each other because all of just kept grabbing whatever stuff. Part of the rules stated that whoever grabs items closest to 24k, gets to keep the stuff he / she was able to grab. So we were laughing our heads off cos one guy grabbed five pieces of exactly the same design hawaiian shorts and another guy grabbed 3 packs of ladies underwear! Despite losing the challenge, the losers got 1,500.00 worth of GC's from UNIQLO so I was still happy I was able to take home a nice pair of pants and a really cool blazer. I didn't mind losing too cos it was such a fun experience. We were all just laughing the whole time. Plus, it forced me to get some exercise! Haha!

Making Pa-cute while my items were being checked.
With my consolation prize!
The winner (girl in the middle) - ok im jealous! She got 24k worth of clothes OMG!!!!!!!
with the rest of the challengers and NIVEA's Raisa Mislang. =)
Us again outside UNIQLO

with NIVEA's Raisa Mislang! I LOOOVE her style! All black and Doc Marten's... sooo cool! =)
That was sooo much fun! Win or lose, I was happy! (Ok I admit, also A little jealous... Haha!) Follow NIVEA Philippines on Facebook now and be updated with their activities and contests! Who knows, you might be part of their future activities!

Thank you NIVEA!!! =)

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