Thursday, August 29, 2013

SHOPPING: 1,000.00 Peso Challenge for August 2013

If you have been following my shopping posts, you would be aware of the shopping challenge I have imposed on myself once a month. It's a very inexpensive way to add items to my wardrobe. At P1,000.00 limit, it won't hurt my wallet that much.

This month, I found myself back at one of my favorite shopping destinations, The Landmark! I finished this shopping session in a matter of minutes. Landmark recently had a makeover so the improvements meant more space, and more space meant more clothes! Oh yes, I was so excited. But alas, with my budget, I didn't want to go around too much and find items I could not let go of... and that would mean I would go over the budget. Neverthless, I am soooo happy with the items I found.

First up is this unique top that I scored for only P219.75 or around $5.50!

Next is this REALLY nice and edgy dress that I could not let go of (I used this already at my past fashion post a week ago titled Pay it Forward:

It was an absolute steal at only 249.75 bucks so I HAD TO get it in another color! The white version is gorgeous!

Lastly, because I wanted to get something for the rainy season, I got this pair of spiked jelly flats! Isn't it the cutest?! They cost only 239.75!!!

Here's the summary of my purchases:

P219.75 - Black CrissCross Top
P249.75 - Black Dress
P249.75 - White Dress
P239.75 - Spiked Jelly Flats 
P959.00 GRAND TOTAL (Around $24)
Yipee! I love shopping! =)


  1. Hi :) where did you buy the black dress? :) It looks so fab :)

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