Monday, August 5, 2013

FASHION: Pay It Forward

PAY IT FORWARD --- Let's flashback to the year 2000 when American drama film starring Trevor Mckinney and Helen Hunt was released. Do you remember it now? I chose that as the title of this blogpost because I am wearing something from ANTHOLOGIE OF THE SCARF. A fashion business who's aim is to do just that --- to PAY IT FORWARD. For every item that you purchase from them, a portion of their sales goes to our indigenous brothers and sisters from the mountains of Palanan, Isabela.

Anthologie of the Scarf was founded by
Loj Tonacao after she spent time with our Aeta brothers and sisters in Isabela. After seeing how they lived their lives in poverty, rough modernization, poor development and poor education, she felt that she needed to do her part. Every 2 months, a part of her sales goes to them. She intends to continually help them for as long as she can. Now isn't that admirable? Loj is a great example of Paying It Forward. In her own little way, she can help these families who really do need our care and attention. After all, we are living comfortable lives far from how these Aeta families are living theirs. Even just a little bit of effort on our part can go a long way. You can read more about  about her cause on her facebook page,

Let's help Loj through her cause. Your help and purchase will go a long way!

Loj Tonacao with the Aeta families in Palanan, Isabela.

Backless Dress from Landmark... Don't you just love it?

I embellished my sunglasses myself. Looks perfect!

I love my jelly shoes! Order from JBE Scents and Bubbles

Handmade Copper Wire Cocktail ring by Ming Ong of Kathang Kamay.

My very comfy jelly shoes! Order from JBE Scents and Bubbles


What I love about this T-shirt scarf from Anthologie of The Scarf, is you can wear it in a number of ways! A necklace, A scarf, A bag embellishment, all in one! So you're not only getting something ultra stylish, you also get to help others.

Let's Pay it Forward in whatever way we can. It really doesn't take much effort. Anthologie of the Scarf Charity is a clear example of that. =)

Photography by Eunice Vallesteros of Purple Dot

T-Shirt Scarf : Facebook page:Anthologie of the Scarf *
                      Instagram: @anthologieofthescarf
                      Contact Number: 0933-6900644
Brown Jelly shoes: Facebook page: JBE Scents and Bubbles *

                      Instagram: @jbescentsandbubbles

                      Contact Numbers: 0915-6314888, 0921-6333399, 0932-8861877
Backless Dress: The Landmark, Makati
Leopard Print Bag: The Landmark, Makati
Embellished Shades: OLEIC Fashion Gallery *
Handmade Ring: Kathang Kamay *
Peace Ring: OLEIC Fashion Gallery *


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