Friday, August 16, 2013


It's confirmed... I have fallen in love and I am caught in an OMBRE ROMANCE! Ever since Angelo Falconi III did my first ombre experience with pink, I just could not get enough! I enjoyed my Pink Ombre for more than 2 months and even though I still loved it, I wanted to try another color change. I love the ombre look a lot because it is so low maintenance! I love my long hair and i am certainly not close to chopping it off, but I am also the type who doesn't carry a hairbrush with me. Wash and wear - yeah that's me. That's why ombre works for me so much because even with an untidy hairdo, it still looks AWE-SOME!!!

Angelo Falconi III busy coloring my hair with his super friendly staff! My salon trips are always fun because I love the ambiance here. Everyone here is so nice and friendly! =)
At the salon --- Color still fresh. I told Angelo I wanted to look like a mermaid so he braided my hair and blowdried it a bit and... VOILA! The mermaid look!
Violet and Pink! I don't know how many shades were used but as always, the way that Angelo mixed all the colors together is really a work of art! The results were FANTASTIC!!! I certainly have fallen in love with Ombre! Now, brace yourself for some of my ARTE pics! =)

Channeling my inner Willow Smith....


Beautiful colors!!! =)

Caught in an Ombre Romance!
I know a lot of you would like to get caught in an ombre romance too!
Here's Angelo Falconi III's details so you can set an appointment with him too! =)
Mobile Number: +639175309669
Landline: 805-1396

Facebook Page:

Photography by Eunice Vallesteros of Purple Dot

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